For anyone who has played both PC and XBOX beta's

So i've started to build a gaming PC (not just for BF3, for The Old Republic etc) and was just wondering how big of a difference there is between the two BF3 betas. I've watched some comparison vids on youtube and to be honest I could only see very minor changes but I have a feeling that is due to compressed video etc. So how about it, graphically, is there a big difference?


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Yes. The PC version depending on specs will look miles better than console. The console version still looks great though.

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Well I'm only building a basic gaming PC to start with (will improve it over time) do you think it will run ok? specs are

GPU: Asus GTX 560Ti

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 3.30GHZ - i5 2500K 3.30GHZ

Motherboard: MSI 67A-GD53 Intel P67 DDR3

RAM: Corsai 4GB (2x2) 1600MHZ

I wouldn't call that a basic build but yeah it should run you meet the recommended specs.

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I actually did the same thing you are doing and there is the obvious graphical difference but the controls are a lot more precise. I tried it on all my systems. Ps3, 360 and pc. The battlefield beta is the only one I have tried. But you can tell the Dice is focusing on pc. It's almost like night and day. I would have to say the ps3 players seem to play together more the the other 2 platforms. I would like to get this on xbox but I have the 4gb slim and some things online require the hdd.

But I will be buying battlefield on the pc mainly for the 64 player option and I have the system to max it out. I have the geforce 560ti card and a first gen core i5 CPU.

Looks good but go for 8gb ram instead. Better be safe then sorry if you are looking to future proof your PC and it's relatively cheap.