For All The New Players: Ranking Up Fast

Now I'm not a pro, I don't consider myself good, i consider myself an average player but this is my strategy for ranking up fast because I know a vast majority of you just got the game earlier today or yesterday. And I hit 10th a while ago.


1. Play Kill Confirmed.

  • You get 50xp for every kill and 50xp for every dog tag you get, red or yellow.
  • You get 250xp for every time you pick up your own dog tag after you die.

2. Run the Specialist strike Package.

  • The Specialist strike package will offer you a large sum of xp for every perk you unlock.
  • Matched with Hardline you will unlock your first perk at your first kill and then one every other kill.
  • Once you hit the specialist bonus (7 kills with hardline) (8 without hardline) you will get a 100xp bonus every other kill until you die.

3. Use your primary guns until you reach 500 kills and then switch.

  • Doing this allows you to get the most xp out of the gun as you can for that prestige.
  • Then once you prestige again use that same gun for another 500 kills for a total of 1000 kills in the veteran challenge.

4. Use your secondary machine guns until level 10, and secondary revolvers until level 7.

  • Using the machine pistols until level 10 will unlock maximum weapon proficiency for said weapon. Which is 10,000xp and is only about 75 kills.
  • Using the revolvers (And Desert Eagle) until weapon level 7 will also unlock maximum weapon proficiency for an easy 10,000xp and is only about 50 kills.

Well that's the end of my Rank Up Fast guide. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! And Happy Prestiging!


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Thanks for the 1 star on a helpfull informative thread?

"Use your primary guns until you reach 500 kills and then switch".


That's the only thing I have a problem with: your kills stack up through Prestiging for the Veteran challenge (I think it's called), even if you haven't prestiged before.


Otherwise, well, your one star was probably given to you by Cheeze :P

Good solid tips, I bookmarked this since i want to try some of these. I never use secondary weapons since i tought they also went to level 31...i will try them.

Good info, I thought the same as Kilowatt on the secondary weapons.       And Bob's right with the Veteran Challenge... but having known that, when i read it the first time i knew what you were trying to say.     use the guns for 500 kills, get the 10k.. then dont worry about them.. the next prestige when you use it the 2nd 500, you'll get the 10k for that, and the 10k for veteran... (and then i think Veteran is done).  


It goes to 2500 Kills each weapon, the Veteran Challenge :S


(I think. I'm pretty sure).

I said the 500 kills thing because for the first 500 kills in the mastery challenge you earn the xp faster than if you were to complete the full 1000 kills, + when you get the 500 kills it adds to the veteran challenge which unlocks at 500, 1000, and 2500. So your good with a weapon for 2 prestiges if you use it for 500 kills in one prestige.


Kind of hard to explain but Im just tryn to show the fastest way of earning xp.

Allot of time in your hands I see.


must be nice, 10th already....