For all of you morons.....

Who say that Halo 4 MP plays like CoD, my question for you is, have you ever played CoD multiplayer? Sure, the loadouts are CoD based, but really other than that Halo 4 MP does not play like CoD whatsoever, so stop making these outrageous comparisons. 

I love the Halo 4 MP, its exciting, fast-paced, addicting, and just LOADS of fun. I'm a huge fan of the Halo franchise and the MP throughout the years, and I have to say that this multiplayer is by far is the best. I can't wrap my head around what all of you idiots think that 343 SHOULD HAVE done?! Continue to implement features and creature Halo 4's MP to be very similar to Halo 1, 2, and 3? If you believe that would actually work, you're naive. Sure, Halo 4 jumped on the "class/loudout" bandwagon, but so what? Is it a bad bandwagon to be on? Or are you just criticizing it because you can't deal with change and want Halo to be the game that "isn't like the others." If that's the case, then you're disliking the game for the wrong reasons. As I've browsed through all of the hate that Halo 4 MP has gotten, I haven't came across specific features that people are actually complaining about....They're just complaining about how Halo 4 is becoming like the other FPS MP games. You videogame hipsters, stop being video game hipsters. If Halo 4 made their multiplayer very similar to the previous Halo MP's (except Halo: Reach), I can assure you it wouldn't compete with BF3 or CoD. Times are simply changing, the FPS multiplayer experience is evolving, and there's nothing wrong with that. 


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Well said, I normally always bought the previous Halo games for the campagin more than the multiplayer, but this time I actually am enjoying the multiplayer much more than I did the campaign.

Not the best way of putting your point across, but I do agree that comparisons need to stop


No one seems to acknowledge what CoD has taken from the HALO series, and only recently as well. CoD Elite borrowed so much for their "paid for service" from HALO 3 and did it very poorly.


Two different Franchise and two very different styles of play