Foolproof method of connecting to EA Online Servers ( *For Failed to Connect to EA Online )

I have found a apparent foolproof method of connecting to EA Online Servers if you got the  dreaded " Failed to connect to EA Online ".


*** All other methods are hit and miss, this method works 100% of the time for me and I hope it works for you.


I believe the reason sometimes EA servers won't let you connect is because even when your connection times out with their game servers, it still thinks you are connected.


Good news and bad news.... If you still have the Battlefield 3 BETA on your Xbox 360 then you are good to go; and if you don't still have the Battlefield 3 Beta, then this fix won't work. *(Do all the below steps slow, don't do them fast)


  1. First connect to your favorite EA game (Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1943, Mass Effect, Fifa 11, ect.) and see if you have the Failed to connect to EA Online  message. If you do get this message like many users do, go to step 2.
  2. Press your Blade button on your Xbox 360 controller (The glowy green and silver button in the middle of your controller) then press the Y button and go to your main dashboard. *Do Not eject the game from the drive.
  3. Press your Blade button  one more time on your controller and sign out of your profile, and start up the Battlefield 3 BETA. (The Battlefield 3 Beta will be in your Games section under Demos).
  4. When the Battlefield 3 Beta gets to the start screen, press start. After you have pressed start the BF3 Beta will ask you to sign in with a profile. ***Now sign back into your Xbox with a Silver Xbox Live account, NOT your Xbox 360 main Gold account. You must sign back in with a account that is not a Gold Xbox account. *(You can quickly create a quick Silver profile and call it EA Fix if you want).
  5. After you have entered the game with your silver account, press the A Button to get past the splash screen and wait till the saving icon is gone in the bottom right hand corner. Then press right on your D-pad to connect to battlelog, and then press right one more time to refresh. Last press the start button on your controller and should say you can not connect to EA without a EA Online Account.
  6. Now press your Blade Button on your controller and press X to log out of your profile, and then go back to the game screen. The Battlefield 3 Beta should go now back to the main start screen again. Press start again and log into the game again with your main Gold Xbox live profile this time. Press the A button to get past the spash screen, and wait for the saving icon in the bottom right of the screen to disappear. Press right on your D-pad to connect to Battlelog, and wait for it to say connected. *** Now very important, wait about 10 to 20 seconds till you see some numbers appear beside your Friends Online symbol in the top right of the Battlefield 3 Beta screen. Now try to start up the Battlefield 3 Beta one time...and it should say Unable to connect to game. Press the X button and exit the Battlefield 3 Beta.
  7. Now you should be back at the Xbox Main Dashboard. Start up the EA game that you did not eject from your disc drive (Example Battlefield Bad Company 2).  Connect to Multipayer and you should be good to go! :)


I really hope this helps you guys, I was able to connect to Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 1943 using this method.


*** P.S. - If you try to get back on within the next 5 hours after a previous play session and you get the Failed to connect to EA Online, do all the same steps again, but use a different silver xbox live account.  The EA servers seem to forget to log out your silver accounts.


Hope EA fixes this. Judging by the Battlefield 3 Beta, I don't think we will have any trouble connecting to EA servers for Battlefield 3... just the older EA online games.


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I haven't been able to get on EA for probably 4 days now for BFBC2. I tried this, and it worked. No clue how you figured this out, but thanks for the tip!

Just spent about 20 minutes doing, repeating, and verifying; it did not work. Another waste of time much like the clock, cache, data methods.

If BF3 does this crap I wont ever buy an EA game again, and will definitely get into torrents; not only do I have to waste 8 hours fixing ea account linking, veteran status crap, and general malfunctions I also get to waste hours trying to connect to a server to play the game I spent 60 dollars on.

This is coming from a person who can sit on a boat in a lake for 10 hours without a single catch and still be content.

Update: As a last ditch effort I did every mother blanking suggestion I've read over the last 4 months.

I did your silly thing.

I did the cache.

I did the game saves and game update 6.

I did the clock thing.

Something in there worked, FINALLY. (still switching to torrents if BF3 has any BS like this.)

Awesome, 12ish hours later and it is broken again... repeating 15 minute process, about the 12th time in the past week.

Revised process is now:

Delete saves and update 6, redownload update, connected. So it isn't quite as long anymore... as fixes for broken crap goes this is tolerable though still annoying that I, as the consumer, have to fix the crap. -.-

ha...hahahahahaha *queue eye twitch and prepare the mental breakdown followed by aneurysm*

Connected, and NO GAMES FOUND. REALLY?

F This imma' go play some Hello Kitty Island Adventure.