ok i just started playing fallout3 again after about a year. and i was wondering how many followers can you have at once following you?


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I believe it is 2, as long as one of them is dogmeat.

well i have three following me. dont know if its a glitch or not but i got dogmeat,fawkes and charon

Oh yeah, I forgot, there is a way to get all 8 companions at once.  You weren't supposed to be able to have more than 2 at once, but there were some oversights that allow you to bypass this.  One of them is that, under the right conditions, Fawkes will join you even if your roster is already full.  For details, look here.

Thats awesome, i wonder if you can do that on new vegas?

Yes, or at least you can recruit all of the humanoid companions at the same time.  For details, look here.

It's a bug though, not something you can really do :P

Well, finding and exploiting bugs is part of the Fallout experience.  How many FO3 players went, on a subsequent play through, and got the "unbreakable" Gauss Rifle, or picked up unlimited copies of Sydney's SMG?  The answer is that most of us who played this game over and over eventually exploited many of the game's glitches, though I would imagine that most of us played through at least once without doing so.

It's two followers, as long as you have Dogmeat following you as well.

I chose Fawkes and Dogmeat personally :)