Which Follower do you use? Since the Enchantress joined in I just left her on, and never switched. But I'm wondering if one follower is better than others, or does it make no difference.

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It depends what character you are using!  If you're a Witch Doctor or Wizard you would want a hand-to-hand fighter to "hold the line" while you cast spells from afar.  But if you're a close combat character you may want the Enchantress to fight from a distance.   Personally, I like followers who distract the enemies from close so I can use strategy and not lose any life from a distance.  

I use my girlfriend. :p I get up close and personal(monk) and she snipes from afar(demon hunter). We're doing our nightmare playthrough on master 5 right now. It's pretty hard but the loot is oh so good.

I'm using Witch Doctor and the dogs and Gargoyle serve as the distraction.  I just started Nightmare so maybe I will try out the scoundrel.

LOL, Defy. My son has his own game going. At first we were going coop, but he just zooms through levels headed right for the objective, while I like exploring every nook and cranny and killing everything. 2 different styles of playing, so we saved separate games.  Now that I went through normal we will probably do nightmare together.

Haha yeah we go exploring the whole map till everything is filled out. We pretty much stick together at all times too especially now on master 5. My monk has this ally too so he kinda helps distracting the enemies while we take them out. I'm pretty happy with my character now. We got this game for Christmas and we've been enjoying the ride. Diablo is just so addictingly fun. :D

Surprisingly, I like to use the Templar with my L60 Monk. Not for the H2H combat but more for one of the abilities he has. I Can't remember what it's called but it allows me to generate more spirit. Inspire I think it's called, I also use the Air Ally for more spirit generation. Allows me to spam Wave of Light & Cyclone Strike repeatedly. Tried using the Scoundrel, not very fond of him. Will give the Enchantress a try though.