Followers problem (some one else?)

when i completed the quest in winterhold from the jarl, he makes me thane and gives me Lydia... but when i talk to her about following me, she says i have allready someone with me? but i dont know anything about someone else following me!? someone else having the same problems? please help me


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other question: isnt it somehow possible to see if you got a follower, and how to track him/her down... or make it unfollowing from distance?

for as far as i know, i dont have a follower yet... or maybe it might be someone needs to follow me on an open quest ?

You become the Thane of Whiterun, not Winterhold when you get Lydia as your Housecarl.  Have you bought a horse?  That might be counting towards your follower since horses will follow you anywhere you go.

It's possible you have one of the guys from Riverwood and they're just sitting in town. I know when I got Fendal or w/e he just joined up without asking if I remember right, it was pretty sudden.

Horses don't count as followers.

@ ORGENIZED, i meant whiterun indeed... and no, got no horse yet..

I talked barely to people of riverwood so that wont be the problem... this is realy annoying cuz i really want a companion... dont want to start all over again for this.. can someone please help me?

another side question :P if i mary someone, can i eventually break up and re-mary someone else?

You don't have to do much in Riverwood to get the companion, go back and talk to them to be sure.

hmm i didnt thought about trying someone else, but i didnt get the chance to play again since yesterday... so i will try this tonight, but then again, i prefere lydia to be my companion because i could mary her later on ;)


sorry for bad english btw

tried it, and seems no follower will follow me because the say: Looks like you already got someone with you...

this is a huge pain in the @@@....

hmm according to another forum its because of the companions(guild) trail, because farkas is replacing your follower no matter what....

thnx anyways

Wait about a Week (or so), In-Game and they will leave on their own. You should get a Message saying, "Your Follower tires of Waiting" and they simply return to their place of origin.