Foil Deck Keys?

What exactly are these Foil deck keys?  Do they unlock otehr cards taht you can not unlock in the game (16/16 unlocked).  If so, what decks are worth unlocking?


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16 for EACH deck.

So there are only 16 unlockable cards? As a yugioh player where im always finding new strategies with the hundreds of cards they have, I will be very dissapointed if this is the case

It really is a waste.  I had received some MS points as a gift so I used them to unlock some decks but it really is more enjoyable to unlock them by winning.  In my defense, winning is now much EASIER with my unlocked deck.  Winning in campain mode, that is, I stink when I play live, but I'm learning.

thats pretty much all it is.  waste  i tell you.

what is so special about having foil cards?  or is it just so people can spend more money just to make their cards LOOK cool?  if it doesn't give an advantage then its a total waste of money.

are tehre any more cards you can unlock other than the 16/16 in game?  I could have sworn the computer player was using a card i did not have in my deck that has all the cards unloocked.

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What exactly are these Foil deck keys?


Here's a little known fact: If you have a seven foils in your hand, at any time you may reveal it to your opponent. If you do you get an instant win. This game is all about the skillz.

It *IS* a total waste.  The cards you see the computer using are only in challenges. Any cards unlocked with deck keys can be unlocked by winning matches... FOR FREE! There is nothing exclusive when you buy a foil deck.

thats not magic thats yugioh!  ;/

The foil keys do not unlock any cards, it just foils them.