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Hi guys'n'dolls

Just got FO3 and am going to buy the walkthrough book. The version I've got is the 'classics' one. Am I better with the original walkthrough or the 'Game of the Year' walkthrough......and what's the difference?


Thanking you!  


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the game of the year walkthrough has details on the DLC's, while the regular just doesn't have the information on the DLC's, and i think thats the only differences between those 2. i advice you to go with the wikia page of fallout it's free, and you won't have a book collecting dust.

I dunno, I've got it.  It's good for those tedious quests like the Nuka Cola Challenge or those quests where you're unsure where to go next  (not happened to me yet but it could).  When I got it off Amazon they were practially giving it away & it was part of a deal so why turn it down?  The book is big though about 100 pages less then your typical phone book for the GoTY version of the guide so I hope you've a fiar amount of room. 

Thanks folks. After much internetting about I finally figured out it was just the plain ole FO3 I've got.

I would use wiki but my PC is in a differemnt room than the xbox so it would mean mucho running back'n'forward between the two. Much easier just to part with a few quid y'know. It means when I come to flogging the box on these sort of things can make it look as if the prospective buyer is actually getting more than they think getting a couple more quid on the price.