ok - i made the change.

i sold FO3 a few months ago just because i had recently bought FNV. FNV was a very good game - and i was lucky enough to experience very few of the widely-mentioned bugs...but i just didn't love it. i had played 160 hours on FO3 on just one playthrough, and also got the broken steel DLC.

This week i made the change back - so now my FNV is up for sale on a well known auction site, and i was lucky enough yesterday to receive (from the same auction site) a copy of FO3 GOTY (with all the DLC's included).

so...back to the wasteland to wander aimlessly...and loving it again already!


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Just like OP I had doubts when I made the switch and I was right about them, I have now gone back to F3 and I have started a brand new game!!!! great game.

both games are awsome- i didnt get into the lore until FNV tho.

Fallout 3 to me felt more sinister which is why I prefer it. New Vegas is just to "cheery" for a post apocolyptic wasteland. Fallout 3's atmosphere is so well done.

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I've got to be honest.  When I got FO3 that was the only game to grace my 360 for months.  When I got FNV I played for a few weeks and something new came along and I lost interest.  

I think NV is at least as good as FO3 if not better, but maybe I'm not as compelled because I already played so much of FO3 .  Even with all the improvements it really is more of the same

You will, as long as aiming down the iron sights isn't that big of an ordeal for you. It is more akin to aiming from the hip.... I spend more time in VATS for Fallout 3... helps with the crappy hip aiming. Other than that, it's a tremendous amount of fun and value.

[quote user="OldPepsiMan"]

I loved both games, and consider both to be "keepers."  Comparing the two games -- with hindsight -- I give the edge to FO3 simply because I had so much fun with my house. It was nice to acquire, decorate, stock with extras, heal, repair, rest, get water, store things, see my bobbles, etc. Although I preferred the Megaton location, I thought both locations in FO3 were superior to any place I called home in FNV.  But, that's just my humble opinion.  



My ONLY major complaint about NV!!!!!! I wanted to pimp my pad! I was devastated when I got eighty hours in and still had no option to buy things for my house. (Extra storage crates Do NOT count) Also the lack of a dart gun or something similar....Y U NO LET ME CRIPPLE PEOPLE SILENTLY!?!?!?!?!?!?!


I prefer FNV myself simply on the basis you can make things.  One thing I'm finding both here & the other forum is that if yuo liked Fallout 3 you aren't necessrily a fan of Fallout New Vegas & vice versa.  

FO3 and FNV aresimilar in many respects, but are also a very different games in some ways.  I think that if you love one you'll at least like the other, though most people do seem to have one that they clearly prefer.  But both are excellent games worthy of spending ridiculous amounts of time on.

Im downloadfing Fallout 3 now as my disc drive just bit the dust. I got about 17hrs on NV and loved every second of it. Im hoping that F3 is just as great

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