flying RCXD's and other issues.

okay so me and my clan were playing last night just team death match. now our RCXD's all ran forwards and backwards on the floor but the other teams RCXD's flew left and right through the sky. is this a glitch?

also can someone tell me how a level 1 player can have a flame thrower plus second chance pro? 

he started with the flame thrower in each match (as he was on our team at first) and when he was shot he hit the ground the revive badge thing above his head popped up. how can he do that?


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You should go into the theater and save that mess. I've never heard of or seen that kind of crap and would like to check it out later.

Please provide video evidence of your claims via the Theater Mode.  Otherwise, myself and others will simply disregard this as fiction.

(Pics or it didn't happen)

uh how do i do that? i will see if i can. i know of other people seeing the flying RCXD's as i asked in the UK forums but the flame thrower guy i will see if i can take a picture...

Start here.  Theater Mode allows you to upload 30 second clips from your Xbox straight to your Youtube account.

i don't have a youtube account. but yeah i'll try. will have to see if my clan members can go through all their vids as well as it wasn't just me that saw it. i forgot to mention the other team we were playing against kept sending us messages to go back into their game after we got fed up and left. been going through the internet and it seems that the RCXD problem is quite common also theres links to hackers and things...


this is one that i have been linked to, it's not flying rcxds but it's a hacked black ops game.


also further search of youtube showed me many flying RCXDs this is one of them.

so i wasn't imagining that now, now the other question of how a level 1 can have a flamethrower and last stand pro which i am still trying to figure out.

Please stop embedding out-of-date videos.  Your time would be better spent figuring out how to use Theater Mode so that we can all witness what you saw.

well when people are at work they can't get to xbox can they? how are they out of date thats the game and thats one of the problems i'm having? i asked for some help and info if it was a glitch and was told to prove it or it didn't happen yeah cause thats helpful.  this is me trying to prove it without being able to get the xbox. next time i wont bother asking here. clearly no one can help.


EDIT: also i am just posting the links.. this stupid new forum is embedding it.

My problem with YT is that's where all the crap is. What I've seen on YT, I have yet to see in my 14+ days playing the game. Linking a bunch of YT videos doesn't really convince me anything. That's where people(not everyone) go to show off and boast about stuff like that imo. People watch that garbage on YT long enough and they'll believe anything they see is a cheat, mod or hack everytime they die.



I'm not calling you a liar and I'm not saying these things don't exist. I'm just saying they're not as common as some claim them to be. I can count on one hand how many times I ran into a hacked or modded lobby in MW2 and the worst thing I've experienced in Black Ops is where a team locks down all but a couple of spawns and spawn kills the other team repeatedly, and that's only a built-in flaw in the game imo.



I'd like to see your footage.



Edit: these new forums suck!

i'm not saying they're hacks, the flying RCXD looking at it looks like a glitch, i just wanted to know if they were known hacks or glitches because the game was horrible and unplayable by the end.

the idiot with the flamethrower threw me he is the only thing i can't find looking up. all i wanted to know is were they glitches not to be asked to prove it or it didn't happen. like i said i can only access 2 gamertags (this one and the BFs) and i will look into it and post the footage i can, i know i have footage of flying RCXD's and of the flamethrower but my Clan buddy in Germany was the one that revived him.  this is the first time i have seen it. which is why i am asking.

plus the guys that the flying RCXD's  kept sending us messages to get us to go back to the game.

one has already been reported (this isn't his actual tag, but most of it.) Mike Oxlong.  

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