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The last 5 free for all games I've played, there are one or two players per game that when they shoot me, I literally fly/bounce to the top of the map then fall to a death? I've seen a few threads on here about derank lobbies but I can't say I've levelled down but this is really insane. All it takes is one bullet and I bounce then fall to the floor. Am I on my own here or is anyone else having this problem? I'm not sure whether it could be related but none of my elite DLC works when searching for a game on the standard playlist. I get a message about the DLC taking too long to find?



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Is that really what it was? Never happened to me in MW2 but I did hear about it. Ridiculous...

Thanks for the reply though

It happened to me in MW2 today.

  I saw something like that the other night. There were a couple of us shooting at the same guy, and it looked like he jumped 20 feet in the air then fell dead. There was no explosion to have caused it.

   I forgot about it until the next morning and when I went through the games in theater , I couldnt find it. I thought it was just one of those video glitches that I've seen before ( In bo, i had a dead body jump up off the ground and fly about 50 feet straight at me) ........ but perhaps it was what happened to you. I've heard there are some crazy things going on right now.

All the games it's happened to me in are currently in theater so I will upload to vault later. It's weird because there were only one or two players per server that was causing this 'hack'. Something I did notice after watching one back was whenever two players in particular killed someone, that person would fly to the top of the map and drop again but also when I killed them, they too would also fly to the top of the map then back down again. Didn't happen with anyone else on the server though.

Thats MW2 you were playing. Its been long abandoned by IW and Activision.... ohh wait. Same thing is happening in MW#.... i wonder if they will make an effort this time or just give up and let the hacks happen like they did 2 yrs ago.


Im so tired of the hacks and mods. Remind me what we pay $60 a yr to MS for?