Flight Simulator for Xbox 360 with controls



Is there an xbox 360 version of Flight Simulator

if not i think there should be one with multiplayer and controls such as:
rudder pedals (could add brakes to that)
control column for alierons and elevator,
Standard xbox d-pad and buttons
broadcast switch for tower (ability to talk with other pilots when button is not switched on)

Optional things could be ATIS button, pre-set Channels, Gear, Magnetos, master; to practise force landings engine failures etc.


I know there is a PC version but i find that a lot of people will prefer it on a console as computers are becoming mainly as a work and social tool now.

Plus it can be hooked up all the time especially to a Large HD TV. Maybe even in 3D it would be the first flight simulator for console in 3D?


Any thoughts? Can Microsoft do such a thing? 

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its possible. Will it be made to those standerds on a console? No(we all know they have simulators, made strickly as a simulator) that system/control network will not be on a console for many years. Jus not some they would be effort into. It would b expense to make and buy. The possibillity of a profit is rather slim and such a risk 2 take.....

yes!!! personally I think a straight forward flight simulator would generate a lot of business for microsoft xbox 360. After all not everybody wants to kill everything that moves! a learn to fly approah would be great!

Over G Fighters is as close to a flight sim as you're going to get on the 360.

As of right now, I would say Birds of Prey made by Gaijin is your best flight simulator.

There's Apache Air Assault by Gaijin as well.

However both games don't have much of a multiplayer anymore.

Bids of Steel is due next year in the spring.

I agree, i dont need to blow everything up! i just want to fly and see everything...

I agree

They could but I'd still rather play it on PC. If they did that though, that be the first freemium for Xbox.

i know one hawx or hawx 2 they are fun  i have hawx it is a filght slumiator