Hello everyone I am the FLH clan leader. We mostly play CoD and Minecraft. The requirements are you HAVE to have a k/d higher than 1.01, you have to play the objective, and you have to have a mic.(excluding kinect mics). If you are interested in joining the clan, just send me a message and we will see how you do in a pub lobby. Thank You!


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Attack of the tags! Everybody run!

Hey, did you know... There is this super popular clan... They are recruiting right now! Go check them out, there name is "Sticky": forums.xbox.com/.../282696.aspx

I wonder if there is a clan out there that IS NOT recruiting?

[quote user="SUPREME WAZEK"]

I wonder if there is a clan out there that IS NOT recruiting?

[/quote]My super awesome clan you've never heard about because you have to be so good you have to get an epiphany about it to join.

Dam!!My K/D in Minecraft is only .99 :-( can i still be in?

I guess ambassadors clan recruiting dont have to use the stickies, dunno. Anywho, OP, whats the pay like? BTW, does dashboarding, boosting, camping for K/D count also? If not, how do you know anyways?

The ambassador programe is really coming to fruition now.

I'd never want to be a part of a clan that cares about the skills.... for me, clan life is about community not results but that's just me...