Fleet Fleet Challenge

Has anyone completed this challenge for this week? Pass any campaign level on legendary under 12min 10,000 points. I tried to rush threw the 1st mission and it's no joke. I keep dying when the elites pop out. Any suggestions, tips, would be appriciated :D


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Ya there was a thread created for this already look up This weeks weekly challenge

Alright thanks!

I did nightfall on legendary, coop campign. I rushed through it, and had finished at 10:56. I didn't get the credits. I'm wondering why. Any suggestions?


Nightfall doesn't give you the Fleet Feet Challenge for an unknown reason but a possible mission is Winter Contingency (Fastest time Completed- 10:43).  I Tried helping my friends get it on Nightfall nd even tho we made it in 5:47 thy never recieved the credits.  

METHOD'S to Achieve Weekly

1. (Solo Play Required).   A way you can get it is by going through any Mission on Legendary and run through it till you hit 11:00 then save nd quit.  Then Resume Solo-Campaign to have your time restarted and repeat until you complete the mission.

2.  (Solo Play Required).  This is a glitch you can find on youtube.  Go Through the mission Winter Contingency on legendary till you Fight The Zealot with the sword.  Once you defeat the Zealots in the room hit the switch.  Once your screen turns black push the start button.  Your pause Menu should pop up.  Once in the Pause Menu Save and Quit.  You'll earn whatever Credits you earned during the mission but won't recieve the weekly Challenge yet.  Once at the Mission Selection menu select Resume Solo-Campaign.  If you saved it at the right time the Loading screen will pop-up then it'll go black for a second.  If the skip button appears on your top left screen you did the glitch right.  it'll end on its own and there you go easy 10000 Cr.  You can go to your theater and it'll say you completed the mission in under 5 seconds.

Hope these help method's provide useful when getting the Weekly Challenge

If anybody needs help just PM me or if you wanna play some Reach send me an Invite.,

- PiKL3Z559

Hmm, I got the challenge done on Nightfall. I think I completed it in about 6 minutes doing a speed run and got the cR for it.

I also got it on nightfall, first try. Really easy one this week, bumped me up a rank.

This weeks challenge doesn't seem to mention you have to do it alone, but does seem to require it.

got it done first try

The Challenge can NOT be done finishing the Mission on co-op.  You are able to play co-op but as soon as your about to finish the Mission whoever wants the Challenge at that time needs to stay in and all others need to quit out of the game immediately.  if you finish the game with 2 or more players the Challenge well not unlock.  

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.