Flame trail effect

Hi All,

I was playing Team Classic the other day when I saw an effect I hadn't seen before.

One of the opponents had an effect of leaving a flaming trail (similar to the fire from the flamethrower in Halo3) when running.

This effect did not appear to be constant but rather intermittent.

I have uploaded some clips to my fileshare of the player with and without the effect.

Does anyone know how this effect is obtained?


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It's a power up in that playlist, if I remember correctly.

It's to show that the player picked up an Overshield.

haha i also thought it was some sort of witchcraft the first time i saw it

At first i thought it was a hack. :)   lol

i thought it was bungie employees who had that......?

That's Halo 3 my friend. It was just the helmet that was on fire, constant, no trail...