flak jacker help and need to kill people faster etc

does it help to have this on if you get shot by a rifle or gun.

is it like juggernaut in cod4 because sometimes i can kill

someone with less than half a clip but other times it takes

a full clip nearly and other times when im shooting someone

they just turn round and kill me or is that lag..bad hit detection

its not my aim because i know when im hitting them

is there anything i can use that will act as body armour and i dont mean

when a grenade claymore etc explodes, im just tired of taking nearly a full

clip to kill someone plus my ammo runs out fast..i do not want scavenger or what ever its called

i need something that will kill faster and something that will protect me a little better


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Flak Jacket has no effect on bullet damage.  Also, try the Dual Mag if you need an ammo boost without using Scavenger.

Try using Extended Mags Warlord Pro, and Suppressor.

Position, position, position.

Find good spots on the map.

AK47 + Dual Mags should do the trick.

Flak Jacket only protects from tubes, grenades, claymores, etc.  Like suggested, use extended mags or dual mags but I would also suggest something with a higher damage rate but maybe a slightly slower fire rate like the AK47.    As for you shooting someone then the turn and shoot you, that happens to everyone and it's usually due to lag.

    I'm not a big fan of core mode, for the reasons you meantioned. When I play it I prefer using the most powerful weapons available  .... ak47, commando, galil, rpk. shotguns.  

    Try moving back and forth slightly while firing .... it requires you to continually adjust your aim, but does so for the enemy as well.

    High ammo supply and fast loading is essential.

    Keep in mind the difference in the extended mags vs dual mags. Extended mags gives the same overall amount of ammo, but you only have to load half as often, while dual mags doubles your overall ammo supply, and makes every other reload quicker. ........... I prefer the dual mags when available. It kind of works like having a limited version of scavenger and soh while leaving those slots open for something else.


   The lag is the biggest issue causing an enemy to take a seemingly rediculous amount of ammo to kill.. I prefer hc over core for this reason, but when I play core, I try to do it during the time of day when I have the best connection. If I try core mode and I'm not running a full 4 bar connection, I usually go back to hc. The reduced health and less bullets makes the lag considerably less noticeable. I still get some bs deaths in hc, but its way better than core .......... usually, whoever hits the target first, wins the shootout.

Try not holding the trigger down. Burst fire is key for just about any weapon that is full auto. Ive found this eliminates most peoples killing problems.

ballistic knife or tomahawk...if it hits you got the kill.... isnt that easy enough?

Aim for the head.

Ha, ballistic knife or tomahawk.  I hate those weapons.  its the only weapons that u can get hit on the foot and die.  It was funny how peeps complain about the famas being OP when clearly the ballistic and tomahawk are.  I especially like when i am unloading a clip into some guy and he turns and hits me with a tomahawk on my leg.   Thats funny.

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