Fixing the Quit Ban 101

Greetings fellow Forum-Goers. I have created this thread and posted it a couple other places, I would like know your thoughts on this subject as well =)


[quote]I understand that Bungie doesn't support Halo anymore. I understand that this quit ban still needs discussion on how it works in matchmaking to make the best experience for everyone. Please note that this thread has been modified to fit the Halo Reach Forum. Here is the Halo Reach Forum Version, and the 343 Halo Waypoint Forum Version Thanks =)[/quote]

[quote]NOTE: I am dealing with MULTIPLAYER MATCHMAKING in this thread. NOT FIREFIGHT[/quote]

"The Quit Ban needs to be harsher in Reach"

And I completely agree with this statement. Its by no means more frustrating to pay for an online service only to have it ruined by a few people that have something busy to attend to. I understand that emergencies do happen as I experience them myself but 90% of the time there is no real reason to quit a game. Some other thoughts on credits and quitting in Reach.

[quote]Many players simply quit because of the map voted for.[/quote]

As low as that is, players do it all the time. They might be having a "bad day" playing Reach matchmaking and are easily frustrated (yes I have had that = ragequit), but GAME AFTER GAME? 

I have payed for a service. A service that is expected to deliver up to its best potential of enjoyment through a video game. Many games deliver a different alternative to this "quit problem". Other FPS games, include a system that filters in players in empty spots in the middle of games. 

Battlefield 2

Modern Warfare 2

Black Ops

But my solution to the quit problem in Halo isn't using this system. That system isn't Halo. Halo, you know your opponents in the pregame lobby and try your best to outplay them. You don't have random players joining in the middle of a game.

[quote]There needs to be a reason to stay in the game[/quote]

Right now, quitting 3-4 games in a row will give you a 15 minute ban and probation for a few days. That is a silly slap on the wrist Bungie. Players need negative impact on their service record that actually affect them. 

Remember Halo 3? You quit a game, you lose the game and you lose 1 xp point. Meaning you are able to lose rank when you keep quitting. Although thats true, Halo 3 had incentive to win games, so its easy to take that incentive away for quitters. 

[quote]There are 2 problems with the quitting system: 

1. There is no incentive to actually win games. 

2. How can you punish players for quitting, when there is nothing to achieve?[/quote] 

Players need something to work for in games, otherwise you have this quitting problem already existent in Halo Reach. Don't like the map or gametype? Just quit. Its not like you're losing out on anything. Besides with this whole "everyone wins" mentality, there is nothing to lose for quitting right? 

[quote]A Proposed solution to the quitting problem[/quote]

In order fix the quitting problem, we need to address the 2 points I already posted above. There need to be a reason to stay and win the game, rather than just quitting out. A slap on the wrist does nothing to a population, as we have already seen in Reach. 


-In addition to the current quitting punishment: 


[quote]1. After every 7 multiplayer matchmaking games of completion, you gain double credits for 1 game. 

2. Losing a game rewards you HALF of the normal credits you would have gained. 

3. Quitting a game deducts 1,000 - 5,000 credits from your overall credits pool. Depending on your rank. (IE - higher ranks would lose more credits than lower ranks for quitting)[/quote]

My Reasoning for the above statements:


1. Adding the double credit bonus for 1 game after every 7, would keep incentive to not quit games. If you want to rank up faster you should not quit games and try to win them right? 

2. Losing should reward you half credits because you (community) wanted a ranking system that rewards you individually and for in game performance. However, if  you have failed to achieve the objective and lose the game, your profits should be cut in half. This increases the incentive to actually win games overall. 

3. Similar to the Halo 3 system of losing 1 XP, by quitting a game it will deduct from your total credits. This ALSO RESETS your 7 game completion streak for double credits. Meaning - if you keep quitting you will lose credits and never get that double credit game. 

[quote]What if I don't give a crap about credits?[/quote]

If you don't care about credits in Reach, chances are you're already trying your best to win games with a group of players in Matchmaking. There is nothing to worry about. However, this thread isn't about you caring about credits or not. This thread is about preventing players from quitting games in matchmaking. I think THAT, is a problem in itself for everyone to note.

By simply saying "Who cares about credits", you are entirely missing the point of this thread. If you seriously enjoy losing games constantly and being put on a quit probation with this annoyance then you should think twice about why you're even playing matchmaking. Its about rewarding players that complete and win their games while punishing those that lose and quit games. Its not that hard of a concept. 


[quote]1. After every 7 multiplayer matchmaking games of completion, you gain double credits for 1 game

2. Losing a game rewards you HALF of the normal credits you would have gained. 

3. Quitting a game deducts 1,000 - 5,000 credits from your overall credits pool. Depending on your rank. (IE - higher ranks would lose more credits than lower ranks for quitting)[/quote]

Thank you for reading through this thread. If you simply respond with TL;DR, China called, or Adapt - I'm sure we will all know that you are just embarrassing yourself. I would probably post that too if I cannot put together a well thought out opinion and support my ground. 

Cheers =)





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Hello   my   name   is   Reginald   Johnson     gamer    tag   huntingbump8865 ,   I   love   playing   Madden 25,but    what   I   do   not   like   is    people     that     quit    in    the    middle   of   games. Most   recent    was   guy     with    gamer tag   K J   mill25    and   the   score   was   Titans  41   Bears 37  and   he   quit   on   the   last   play   of   the   game !  I   LIKE   SEEING   THE   POST   GAME   ,but   when   people   quit   you    miss   all   the   details   from  the  game   including   stats.Something  serious   needs   to   be  done.  

Yeah, people should get banned cause they don't want spawn killed 100 or so times in Grifball. Brilliant. I'm a multi-team guy, and I wish more of the rocket hog haters would just quit rather than ruining the match for the other 2 people in the hog. It's ridiculous. I'm with a partner, and you're alone. That hog is going where we want, or it's going nowhere. I don't care how good you think you are or how much you hate Mariokart. Moreover, some maps are horrible and/or get old. I deleted the first two map packs. I refused to play Pinnacle in SWAT when it was still there. At this point, I refuse to play Swordbase in SWAT most times too because all anyone wants to do is camp the lift room. Play me on Zealot, and see how well your camping *** does. I don't jump, crouch, camp or pummel in SWAT. If you need to jump to get kills, you need more skill. I wish they'd block bumper jumper layout people from playing SWAT. How bout Big Team? Yeah, bad kids jump on the tank and try to make you betray them cause you got it first or betray you for sniper. It's a joke, but quitting is the problem? No, the immateur trolls are a bigger problem, and they're the ones that should be getting punished. You should be able to make videos of those of grief/betray/troll and flag them for 343 to ban/reset those type of people.

Firefight is just as bad. I've had at least a dozen matches on Beachhead the past 2 or 3 days that the randoms blast my rocket hog right when the bonus round starts. All I want is wheelmans in the bonus. I carried their *** to the bonus round (~300 kills/game), and that's the thanks I get. I'm a firefight player. I hate people who only come in for challenges. I hate people who AFK. I hate people who camp with a sniper, get ~80 kills/match and think they deserve the vehicles. When I used to snipe on Glacier/Beachhead all the time, I took the top score sometimes WHILE I WAS EATING! Controller in one hand, sandwich/hot dog/pizza in the other hand. A couple years ago, I was in a match on Corvette with 3 of the worst randoms I ever saw. I sat there with a sniper on the smallest map in firefight(!), and scored 60,000 points mostly no-scoping! I've put 5000 hours on the game now, and I have the most firefight kills. Far as I'm concerned, I'll play the maps I want to play. They should have dropped game complete credits entirely and made people actually get kills to earn any credits in FF. Would've almost completely stopped AFKing right then and there.

Okay. I know that this might be off the subject a little, but has anybody hear of being banned from gaining experience points. My son swears that he was'nt mean or rude to anybody on Xbox live playing halo 4. He's not running a pirated game or console, but for some reason he was banned, he can still play agianst people and friends  but can't level up. Has this happened to anybody else? If it did how did you fix it?

I agree 100%. read my other post.

I think that the whole banning thing for quitting is a bad idea. Alot of us have lives and we may not be able to finish a game. Dont get me wrong i hate it when my teammates quit, but i unfortunately HAVE (as in i dont have a choice) to leave a game. This builds up and I'm banned. Really? Banned for having a life? Im sorry but I'm gonna have to go against the banning for ten minutes thing. and before you say i could just stand there in the game? No. Thats even worse than quitting.i would be ok with the quitting punishment system as long as its anything but being banned, maybe take 1000-3000 credits away, but anything but being banned, its an annoying nuisance. Banning is also created for banning cheaters hackers etc. Not for little things like this. And sometimes i quit for a reason, like my whole team quits on me or my whole team is trying to kill me. Or like once there was this piece of crap player that was PURPOSELY (on my team) jumping out in front of me when i was in a tank. when it gave him the choice he banned me. (thats another problem) and of course i was on probation and i sat there for 15 minutes. Not cool. I bought reach to PLAY and HAVE FUN. Not to be forced off it for 15 min. i think it was an AWFUL idea. perhaps a system like Halo 3 ATLEAST. or maybe force you to wear pink nooby armor the rest of the day. But heres my conclusion. BAD IDEA.

Ban for quitting really...this isnt even worth posting about they should just let players join active games like other shooters and that would fix most of your enjoyment problems...

1. in team playing if a person quits on a team than the match is pretty much decided so other people quit. many players dont want to just take a beating in a game when the only reason you lose is because your teammate quit. BUT if someone could join an active game than this would make more people stay because at least there is a chance for the game to be on equal grounds.

2. If im playing with a team and someone is team killing y and the hell would I stay in that match to be setup by my own teammates to die. so yea i will quit to avoid players like that and then give them a bad review but if say this happens like 2 games in a row and then I get a game like i mentioned in #1 then i get put on probation...thats lame

3. harsher punishments for quitting really...this is a game here not your lively hood if you pay for this than you should be asking them to make it so that even if people quit the game could still be enjoyed by adding players to active games. I believe this is one of the things 343 industries is adding to halo 4...and people thought they wouldnt be up to the task of making the next halo game there's an improvement right there. also they are getting rid of over powered abilites like armor lock and a jetpack that lets you off the game map but doesnt put the timer up to kill you.

Quitting is bad but in halo 3 if i got a bad team that quit on me or was team killing that xp loss was fine. I mean thats what you call ruining the game for everyone.but this timed ban for quitting pretty much just says if you get in a crap match then screw is that good for anyone who plays????

i definitely agree with you're brilliant idea but i must disagree with the whole bonus of credits idea. That can cause many problems such as credit boosting without play (in other words afk) and a whole other. Every online game to this day is meant to be played in one originally  fashion; to complete the game no mater how bad you did or how much your team sucked/quit. i believe that online competitiveness is based on the individuals skill more than the team all together because everyone plays differently and others play better than others. picture it this way and imagine it as a great challenge. You're short-handed right? Play your best and overcome the other team in your disadvantage. Give it a try, it feels great, trust me.

I'm all for harsher punishment for quitting.

Also, I support harsh punishment for whoever was responsible for butchering this website.

I wouldn't mind people quitting so much if the game didn't sit at the "Starting game..." screen for 5 hours each time.

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