Ok first off let me say that this game is a breath of fresh air from the crap that COD has become.  However, I find it deplorable that you have released a game with a broken online chat feature.  What is the point of playing an online shooter if you cannot communicate with your team.  Otherwise I love the game and this is my only gripe.  Also, before you start flaming me I have been playing first person shooters since the original Doom/Quake/Wolfenstine so I know what should be par this day and age.



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party chat with your freinds listening to two guys talk about wrestling matches in gym class and other nuasiating stuff, is getting very hard to avoid, I just cant believe some of the crap that people will talk about, an by the way I have listened to people using there chat for game strategy an it wasnt that impressive everything you need to comm is in the buttons..

                        I say nerf the chats except for party only

In game chat works just fine, you can also select team or squad.

Never had a problem my self with the ingame VOIP on xbox. It works fine. Maybe everyone is just ignoring you because they are in parties.

There is also an option to talk to just your Squad or the whole Team.

What is it that is not working for you?

Not sure what your complaining about, PS3 is having the mic issues not Xbox.  Only thing I've seen are guys playing in party chat not in squad or team chat.  What problems you having with the online chat?

No problems here. Everyone that talks is in party chat though.

it does not work. i cannot talk to my friend in party chat while playing battlefield 3

the one time i tried it, it sounded very choppy.  was hard to have an actual conversation.  then we went to party chat and everything was just fine