Fix the Spawn Points!

Seriously, if they don't get this straightened out I'm gonna quit playing, at least until they work out the kinks. It sucks knowing the reason you're doing garbage is because you're spawning right in enemy crosshairs. The unbalanced level design doesn't help neither. I'm sorry, I'm just sick of it, and I know some of you are to.

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FFA spawns are always bad. Other game modes seem to be like always in CoD, very manipulative and controllable. If your team is everywhere on the map, then spawns will be very chaotic. Thats why playing with friends or in parties is best. If you wanna cut the map in half and spawn trap, then its very easy to do, but if one guy pushes the enemy spawn, then the spawns will flip. Always been this way in CoDs.

They are not going to fix the spawn points, just like every other game. It is just the way it is. Although they are pretty bad in HC Search and Rescue. I have spawned in at an advantage, behind the enemy in their building, and at a disadvantage, on top of an IED that I had no chance to get away from. You are not going to stop that, so just learn to play through it, or rage quite and hope Titanfall is better.