Fix the rank matching system in mp

Whenever I play I get matched with 100+ players ALL THE TIME. it's not fun when you are only 26....... It's like getting matched in halo 3 when you are a recruit with generals when you aren't even halfway to the cap. I want to play with people MY rank not people that play this game 24/7.

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I wouldn't worry too much about people's rank. It doesn't always equal skill. Most of em boost their way to 100+ anyways. It's not like the higher the level the more damage you can take or deal out. My brother was a "GOD" in Gears 1 and 2 and he came to the Gears 3 party like 5 months late and was destroying people who were 50+. But I feel what yer sayin though. I think they should have a True Skill ranking based on "time played" or something or maybe a filter you could change that would find lobbies based on that, W/L, SPM, or time played.

This is exactly the reason why a lot of people don't play Gears anymore and won't buy gears anymore !

Gears of War is not accesable for the average player !

Yo bash its like nappy said rank doesnt matter in gears 3---over powered rifles make up for any lack of skill and then there is also the sos u can use---this game is rookie friendly---oh and ur not getting matched up with people that play this game 24/7 its they just got the game when it released and it seems u just got ur game(level 26)----play an hour a day and in 11 months u will be way past level 100--u get my point???

i play gears of war 3 to have fun.

ranking system on gears 3 = time played  , not skill level the same as cod ranking system