Fix the Parental Controls on Advertising


I'm ditching both my Xbox 360s.  I have children ages 3-9 and I'm appalled at the advertisements.  Previously parental controls blocked many ads that had inappropriate material.

How can a rational mind assert that a platform is child friendly and then display zombies with missing appendages or half-decayed faces?  Or some other grotesque monster/vampire/sleaze or act of violence right on the main tile?  Seriously, I sat down last night to watch a Disney movie with my kids and there was a rather intense advertisement for Walking Dead - half decayed girl with yellowish eyes blazing.  I felt irresponsible and like I let my family down as a parent.  Ridiculous.

I guess I could cancel my Live account...didn't think about that until now.

However, I think I'll just bail.  It's absurd and irrational.  I'd rather not having anything to do with a company so flippant/negligent about children.



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*facepalm* Why don't you use parental controls? Or the "family" advertisement setting?

Thanks AVD.  I've always used parental controls.  There's a statement under content control setting that says something to the effect that advertisements will not be affected.

I would love to know where the family advertising setting is.  I'll dig on this.


the advertisement setting is only available through the Xbox Live account privacy settings, not through the parental controls.  In my case I have two small kids with no email addresses, and therefore no Xbox Live accounts, and they are forced to see Zombie ads.  I can change the advert settings on my wife and my accounts, but that really doesn't help.

So, remove your palm from your face, unless I am missing something - and then please tell me what I missed.

Do not remove Xbox Live, as that is the only way to block the advertisements (but ONLY on the Xbox Live accounts).  I was able to block mature ads my account, but not on my kids because they don't have Xbox Live.

If your kids have Xbox Live you can change the advertisements to 'Family' in the Privacy menu.

Also, you can block the ads through your WiFi router.  I haven't done this yet, but I am about to.  I agree it is ridiculous that you can't change the ads.

Thanks so much for the responses.  I have set the advertisement setting to "Family" and everything is copacetic.  Apologies for not figuring this out on my own.

It's sad but no zombies is worth the Live account costs to me.  Now if they could just fix the app lag times :).

really what is wrong with zombies but they don't show up on mine