Fix the fake DRAG Racing

Ok get real i love forza but the drag racing is a joke. Sorry Little import kids dont get offended.

there is no way a nissan car is going to beat a 950 hp plus muscle car. get real.

Forza is to in love with nissan. You make a car ALL wheel drive and it lowers the PI but then turns out twice as good?

How would a AWD mustang beat a GT40 Or corvette Z06 on a circuit and still be considered in the same class of car?

i love the game but it makes no sense. it just makes every1 use the same cars.Datsuns and Nissans.

what a joke. get out of america. Or buy american


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Simple, Power - Weight - Grip. For full weight as an example, Shep's AWD talon hold the world record for fastest AWD with just over 900 Horse power, 4 cylinders keep in mind.  A rear wheel drive supra driven by woon holds the world record with twice the horse power, and a second slower, keep in mind this is the same class, street legal cars. So if in Forza an awd nissan with the same or just under that of a rwd muscle car line up. The one with the better ratio of Power - Weight -Grip  will be faster.

why does everyone take forza drag racin so seriously i dont get i do drag for fun and maybe a little competition if someone has the same car as me but thats it i just dont get it

I'm not gonna care what car I'm in when I win. Maybe a Murcielago or Veyron, maybe a Zonda.

Im just excited for Drag compound tires, Prostock Hoods, & Removable bumpers.     In my family it has always been  Ford Vs Chevy vs Import.      My Older brother had a 78 Mustang Ghia running High 11's- Low 12's (depending on track conditions)    My Little brother had a 95 Civic with a Build B16A2 running Mid 12's  (Very Respectable for a NA 4banger), He now has a 92 Supra with a Built 1JZ GTE putting out 658WHP @ 18psi on pump gas it ran a 10.64 this year.  (currently getting a 10pt cage / Tuned for E85 and 24lbs of boost).  I had a bought a 94 Z28 with a blown LT1 and had it  bored .040, LT4 heads/Cam/intake, Msd ignition Mac long tubes, 3200 stall converter, transgo shift kit, 4.10 gears, 150hp jets in my N2o wet plate. and Qa1 suspension.          

Growing up around a drag strip I respect everything that was built properly. I have a few friends with 450hp Neon SRT4's that put a hurting on muscle cars.  

front springs high, rear spring low, lower rear dampers, widen swaybars a little, rear ride height high, front ride height almost as high to get a little rake. lower rear tire pressure, full caster, more rear camber, adjust gears for smooth shifts, etc. press gas. I know nothing of real life racing Tom, fun to read the real stuff. Don't forget to NOS when you drop 2nd. I like a long tight burn myself.

I love how the guy at the top thinks he know's everything. V8's aren't the best and AWD cars are technically better than RWD. turn your assists off when you have a 1000HP RWD car and you're going to do circles that you wouldn't do in an AWD. And you don't get 2000 or 3000HP out of a muscle car, sorry, get realistic. And you obviously don't know much about cars, or spelling for that matter.

.  I would agree some cars I draged raced on did a little worse than there real world counter parts, but did not bother me  much. and the 8000hp drag cars, those are not your regular V8 engines. nor are the cars that there in.  and theres more than just a V8 and rear wheel drive to top fuel.  I have always prefered rwd. but you need to be realist with what your saying. and by muscle car you mean cars from the 70s?

As long as it's not all Datsun and Bugattis this time around than I'll be more than happy to give it a go again, I didn't even bother with the multiplayer on the last game after a month because of it and all the whiney 10 year olds

[quote user="Tom95YJ"]

Im just excited for Drag compound tires  

[/quote]Is this confirmed? I havent been following this game because the drag racing in the last one was so pathetic. If they fix it to where you can get traction I may buy this new installment.

the Drag racing is not the reason im getting forza 4.

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