Fix the fake DRAG Racing

Ok get real i love forza but the drag racing is a joke. Sorry Little import kids dont get offended.

there is no way a nissan car is going to beat a 950 hp plus muscle car. get real.

Forza is to in love with nissan. You make a car ALL wheel drive and it lowers the PI but then turns out twice as good?

How would a AWD mustang beat a GT40 Or corvette Z06 on a circuit and still be considered in the same class of car?

i love the game but it makes no sense. it just makes every1 use the same cars.Datsuns and Nissans.

what a joke. get out of america. Or buy american


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Lol, looks like someone didn't do too well in Physics at school!

Those Honda's and Nissan's are lighter than the muscle cars which mean they have a better power to weight ratio.

BTW Datsun and Nissan are the same company, they changed the name to get away form the bad rep that Datsun had.

Lulz @ the OP

AWD swaps for majority of vehicles in the game, 1/2 mile, and 1 mile drag races are RETARDED.  I would be surprised if anyone who works for Turn 10 drives something other than a Toyota Prius and knows a little something about vehicles.

drag racing on a video game kinda sucks no matter what they do with it

if they would let you do a burn out before doing the run it would make it more real. also to those saying that imports are better because of their power to weight. well I dont let me burst your bubble with the stock Mustang Cobra seen here. yes thats stock, it even comes with a roll cage just like the gentleman in the vid says :D

oh and for the ability to see a time see this. it runs an 8.6 1/4 and thats all stock. Ford makes 50 of these a year and I've seen slightly modified ones (they removed the exhaust from the headers back) do an 8.47 1/4 at 159.25 mph. the only Asian import that can do close to that is the Nissan GTR.

how much is that mustang

is the game out yet?

LOL, there is no such thing as an 8 second stock Mustang.  Do you realize the type of work you have to do to hit 8 seconds in the 1/4 mile?

[quote user="Metal10957"]

is the game out yet?



It comes out on the 14th of October.


As for that Cobra being stock... It's a factory built drag racer, there isn't anything 'stock' about it. Besides I didn't say all Japanese / European cars were better at drag racing I was saying that it comes down to power to weight ratio and not just pure power.


You can have a less powerful car with better BHP per ton and it will be able to beat a more powerful but heaver car with lower BHP per ton.

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