Fix Melee System

It is too much like CoD.  CoD operates on an instant kill from any angle.  Now Titanfall has joined that group.

The Problem:

When you unload round after round on someone as they are running at you,  only to get the instant kick to death and see they are living at 10% health.

Executions have an instant kill too.  This is a problem because we get to execute and it has an animation, leaving you completely exposed.  Where is the incentive to go for the execution, if the kick will do it quicker and leave no risk?

My Proposed Answer:

Give it the BF and Halo treatment.  Meaning any angle is two-hit kills.  The sneak behind, is an instant-kill execution.


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How about you watch your back and move a bit and people wont run up to you and kick you to death? Try more RT.

Last night after ejecting from my Titanfall, I drop kicked a pilot as I was landing on him. It was awesome! Hope he watched the kill cam.

I have not had any problems with lame melee kills, seems pretty good to me. On a side note, I am starting to come across some serious campers, why they are camping is beyond me?

But melee system is fine.

I love the melee system.  Getting my neck snapped enrages me.  Not because it's a broken mechanic, but because it is embarrassing.  I have no problem with the the drop kick.  I'm glad to see something besides a knife or gun butt.

The idea of executing someone from behind could be for many things:

-Because you can.

-Because they are powerless to do anything but watch you murder them.

-Because you want to be stealthy.

-Because you don't want to waste bullets.

If you feel exposed when you execute someone... don't do it.

Here's a tip for anyone having the issue of getting necksnapped or kicked. STOP CAMPING THIS ISN'T COD. It's that simple it's harder to snap the neck of a moving target (unless you're stimmed and they don't know you're behind them chasing) and it's much harder to kick a moving target. Oh and last don't get into congested areas of the map this is where this is all too common especially if you're not using a shotgun or smg those kicks will be seen a lot on your kill cams

I really don't think camping is the issue...There are people that get into a building and literally just kick kick kick, guns are never fired. I like the assasinations but the kick has to become 2 hits, not the one CHUCK NORRIS ROUNDHOUSE it is now

Actually, what I HATE is the netcode of this game. I die to players with a crappy connection all the time because the code favors them and rewinds for them. No, I'm not talking about a case where I melee early...I should NOT complete my melee animation, die to their melee, and then have a replay show that mine started after theirs.... I should NOT die 3 steps after I turn a wall and watch a replay showing me half an inch away from their reticle around a corner and the killing shot being fired into open air. I REALLY like the game except for the fact that I have a handicap for having a 50ms connection. I do want everyone to have fun playing the game, but I don't want to be punished because ISPs refuse to modernize their systems and claim everyone is happy with the way things are.

^ Is that what is going on? I've noticed that too. Thought it was latency. I've had to switch from Attrition to Pilot Hunter because of that crap. Pilot Hunter (right now, anyway) is like night and day compared to the way Attrition is right now. I hope they remove that handicap.

You people with million dollar connections may be wrong. I dont think its lag comp. I dunno for sure, but there will always be someone connected to the dedi better than you. Dunno.

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