Five-Seven Akimbos: Best emergency sidearm?

In my opinion, yes.

Ignoring the large 3-shot kill range, decent ammo clips, and very minimal recoil, the Akimbo Five-Sevens have one very, very, very powerful attribute.

They have an instant reload. As in, zero time from pressing X, the clips are instantly refilled, and all that is needed is a Reload Cancel (Sprinting during the reload animation).

Extremely useful for those who don't want to run with Slight of Hand, and a very powerful Akimbo weapon. Easily my favorite handguns to Akimbo.

Just throwing this out there.


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USP's have the same stats overall but they have an advantage over the other lower damage pistols. The akimbo USP'S will alway swipe knife rather than lunge...... every time.

I never tried them until playing some infected. I was rather surprised at how powerful they were

My fingers are too slow to use pistols that arent automatic shooters.

The five-seven reminds me of the m9 in mw2. Huge clip, great accuracy, fairly quick reloads even when akimboed, and a decent damage rate despite what the stats say. In this one, the damage stat seems like its more based off of how many maximum RPM you can get out of them. Since the five-seven has low recoil, you can get more accurate and faster RPM down range than the deagle. But if you can get good accuracy with the deagle and be able to shoot faster, deagle would win hands down. Still a great gun, and i love using it more so over some of my mains in infection and can easily get my OMA challenges done solely with them.

Thanks for posting this.  I have never been much of a pistol user, but now I'm going to give the five-seven a try in multi-player.  .

I personally prefer the P99, but that's mainly with no Attachment or Extended Mags... I can't use Akimbo Handguns very well at all.


The Five Seven would be the best with Akimbo, I agree, for a number of reasons.


1) Huge clip, biggest of the Handguns.

2) Same damage as the P99/Desert Eagle/so on at close quarters.

3) Solid accuracy and recoil.

4) Instant Reload for those who would use it (I wouldn't be bothered myself but it's certainly an advantage).


Good gun I like a lot in Survival, but I don't like it in Multiplayer myself.

I also found dual pistols better than dual machine pistols or shotguns. Especially on sniper classes and that would count as emergency situations.