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This is going to be my first Battlefield game ever. I have played a little Bad Company 2 on my friends PS3 but nothing other than that. I have been a CoD guy for the past few years and have decided to try BF. What can I expect to be different in BF from CoD? I have heard that BF requires a little more team based play. I'm not looking for some "BF is awesome and CoD sucks" answers.


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Cool destruction!you will feel much more part of a team,working with other players in different ways rather than just killing.

As long as you aren't contantly sniping you'll be fine.

Always squad,if your squad has no medic go in as medic or if theres no one handing out ammo go in as support,more points for team play than solo play,play to win the match not just for your own kills and points and its much more enjoyable to know you are an important factor in winning the game.

Attacking/Defending with a group of people you know and trust is better then trying to understand someone you've never meant online before. Walls, Bush, and Trees tend to disappear. Hide behind them, but don't stick around for long. Never fight alone if you can avoid it. Make you you are in a squad.

you have to play with people u know, anything less and ur askin for grief

Bigger maps, lots of vehicles, and very intense combat. If you get it on the PC the experience will be even better.

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BF is awesome and CoD sucks

Send lots and lots of FRs, randoms in BF don't give a rats @$$ about teamwork.