First run though

It had taken sometime but I finished the game however, I notice I failed to go through any of Lebo-Sako sectors LoL now I will need to go back and pick up 8 more achievements I failed to pick during first run through other whys I had fun with the game. I also published a map called Beachwood part land and part water should be fun I spent more than 3 hours making the thing first hour was understanding how map making works the other two slapping on stuff.


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I have a big problem. I have been playing Far Cry 2 and I really liked it. But I've got corrupt save files when I am around 50% completion, the save file can't be loaded again it always stuck (check and I have been playing it three times again. So now I am searching for someone who has a save file of Far Cry 2 with all the diamonds collected and who has to begin with the story in the south. Do you got it? Do you want to put it on a USB and send it to me by mail? Do you want to help me?