First Rule of Fight Club...

You don't take any big money into fight club.

Something really weird happened to me while I was clearing the levels in Fight club, I lost over $38,000 florens, gone from my inventory.  I did not lose it to fights, as Assassin's creed network does not show it, but it simply disappeared.  Only thing I saw was strange Ezio locked up and could not fight, i had to exit out and then go back in to the fight.   Anyone else have that happen?

Also, one time I "lost" my bearded axe, and had to go back to the hideout to re-equip it.

Next, what is up with Notoriety?  I have been playing for days, and I only had one red blip on my notoriety meter.  When I kill Borzia Messenger, nothing happens to my Notoriety meter. Anyone else have this happen?  Notoriety meter seems broken.

I also discovered what I call a logic bug in the Borzia towers.  If the coward captain runs off, don't leave the red zone, clear out all the guards. On next shift, only the captain comes back, makes it really easy to ice him.  Logically, the guards should return also.

Did anyone notice that while in Centro, the music sounds similar to "The Tudors" music for the TV series?



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Fight club you probably ran out of time

You "lost" your bearded axe because you threw it or picked up another weapon

Your notoriety didn't go up because either noone saw you or you had the Auditore cape equipped

And how are dead guards supposed to return?

There is no Zombie mode.....fupa

Guards have a shift change, so the living should replace the dead.

Notriety does not work until you complete the mission at Thieves Guild with La Volpe.  Now I can become notorious and every guard I kill increases the meter. Seems like the first memories are supposed to be tutorials for people who never played before.

OK on the bearded axe, I guess that is possible.

I think the fight club lost money is a game bug, it does happen. The game is a little buggy.  

The only rule I seem to have at Fight Club is that they mess with the clock - I can never get past about the 2nd or 3rd guy. I take it it is possible?

Toss sand at their beginning advance. Chain combos and counter as soon as someone tries to punch and interrupt. You'll do some finishing moves and will be fine. Don't waste your time trying to punch the ONE guy who dodges (cape one, I think) but rather focus on the others and be ready to toss a counter his way.

Cool cheers Afsos I'll give it a go