First Post. Not a rant I promise.

Hey everyone thought I would share some of my opinions for my first post. I may get flamed but what the heck here it goes.

Now I am completely non-biased when it comes to COD and any FPS game. Im not a fanboy of any game tbh.

I have only had MW3 for about a week or something like that, and I have to say I am not enjoying it.

Im not rubbish or a noob I would say im fairly average. I seem to be better at BF games though, not sure why,

A few issues I have with the game are as follows.

1. Camping. Yeah Im bringing up camping (ready for the flames). I read that MW3 was meant to be more about gun on gun and rushing and so forth. I have to issues with people being careful or maybe even guarding an objective but hiding in a dark corner waiting for someone to come by is annoying. Im not the best so i tend to run into them stupidly a lot. I have especially noticed that the heartbeat sensor is being used quite a lot but corner campers too. I have never used it, nor do I want to.

2. Connection. My connection is fairly average. My ping is quite low too but what annoys me is that in one game we could do well and it seems as if our guns are killing instantly. But then the very next game it will seem as if my gun is shooting pillows and the other guy turns round and one shots me in the big toe.

3. Spawns.  I have read that there seems to be an issue with the spawns. I dont know the maps well yet and it seems as if I spawn infront or behind an enemy way too many times to be happy with. Plus I have died as soon as I have spawned a fair few times.

So far they are my major problems with the game. It would be a really good game other wise and when I join a good bunch of players I have fun but that can quickly turn into gamerage the next round.

I also know there will be patches for the issues. I will still play the game and im not bashing it or trying to say it sucks I just feel like there was still work to be done.


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Not that I have seen as of yet. The advanced UAV offers nothing over the normal UAV other than it shows direction that the player is facing. To me that is not a huge advantage of even going for that as a kill streak.

I have issues with the Assassin perk. So far, I haven't stumbled across any attachment or killstreak that negates the effect of Assassin. For example, Black Ops' Blackbird killstreak negated Ghost completely. Maybe I missed it but is there something in this game that negates the effect of the perk?

I think it would be a really good idea to have the option. Surely they should have thought of that.

^^I havent seen a locale option either. It helped in BOs and maybe could help here too.

Iv not played all of them. I wasnt saying Im raging at the issues just sharing my opinions not bashing the game. Every game has its problems.

I have slowed down too and found ways to counter campers and so on.

I havent seen an option to search for local hosts in MW3. I know there was the option in black ops. Where abouts is it?

I see you've played all the previous Call of Duty games. It should come to you as no surprise that these would still be issues in this game.


1-Slow down and check your corners. Wear Blind Eye and Assassin to negate the UAV/Heartbeat Sensors/Etc. and Dead Silence (amazingly enough we all make the same elephant tromping through a field of glass sound when we are standing and crouched) IW needs to fix that soon.


2-Dedicated Servers would solve this but until then use local in your search preferences to help you find hosts closest to you.


3-One simple yet hard to obtain solution for this-stop dying.

it was a custom class with pro perks. Otherwise I wouldnt have said anything.

@Xurts your right about the "pro's" they are more common than the squeekers. And the min you beat them in one game they message you calling you a try hard or a cheater/glitcher.

The UMP with Rapid fire is a default class, who cares if he has it?

@ Bazinga -- Lol. They're both awful. There are alot of dudes that moan when they talk and say things like, "ah that shot was so pro"  or  "this guy's a f****ing tryhard". I think I agree with you, although the singing squeakers are terrible, the moaning dbags that think they're "pro" are more annoying.

Im 24 and I dont moan about the game over the mic. Infact im not moaning now just sharing my opinions. And we get into lobbies of squeeking kids quite a lot. I just mute them to be honest.

To be honest it doesnt just apply to the kids. Anyone who rages, smack talks and generaly acts like a dbag over the mic needs to get a grip.

My point is I have ran across more of them in mw3 than in previous titles.

Im also not trying to justify my feelings towards the game by saying that. I dont need to. I like the game in a way.

Now Im just waiting for the infamous "your only complaining because you suck" argument. Oh how I miss it.

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