First Impressions Review: Watch Dogs [Released 05/27/2014]

I thought I'd so a first impressions review of this game. I am not far in the game, so I can't give a full review. But here I go.

I love this game so far. It's very fun. I love hacking the street lights and watch people freak out. On NPC even said "Typical Chicago drivers" which had me cracking up. I love the little mini-game hack they make you do to gain access to some server rooms, reminds me of those mobile games where you have to move the pipes to make the water flow through. Comparing this game to GTA is like comparing Halo to CoD.. even though some features are the same, the game plays much different so you can't really do fair comparison. The controls are at first free me where kind of hard to get used to because I am used to other driving games. Using A to look back in your car is kind of a weird button choice. The dashboard camera view looks kind of PS2/XBOX-ish but I know that's the last thing Ubisoft cares about. The graphics are quite impressive IMHO. It is pretty cool that you can see anyone personal information with a click of a button. Hacking the highway signs is fun too. Reading message like "This sign is racist" is worth a laugh. I guess if I had to pick a downside to this game, it would be the driving. It's not the worst I have ever seen, nor is it the absolute best. But it just feels slightly clunky.. but it just may be a case where I have to get used to it and after a while you won't even notice it anymore.

So far I find this game really fun. If you are considering getting this game. Go out and get it.

First Impressions Rating: 9.5 out 10

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I have to agree with everything the OP said, I have now played the game for about 10 hours and I have to admit im enjoying it more than GTA V and like the OP said there is no way you should be comparing watchdogs to GTA, other than the fact they are both open world games and have a few minor things in common they are 2 completely different games, and the driving does get better, you just need to get used to the mechanics of how each motor actually drives.

Pretty good review. One thing I would like to add, a large part of the reason GTA is such a great series, is because they do a fantastic job of making the city feel alive and lived in. And in my opinion, Watch_Dogs does it even better. Unlike other games I won't mention where NPC's are either just standing there or walking down the street. Spouting out the same one liners over and over again.

Just walking down a single street in Watch_Dogs, you'll come across a kid kicking a soccer ball against the wall. A hobo urinating in an alley muttering to himself about aliens. A drunk club ho vomiting outside a bar. Not to mention, every single NPC has an interesting tidbit of information about their personal lives for you to discover. That girl's a furry. This guy's a brony. That dude puts mustard on his ice cream. And honestly, as long as I've been playing, I don't think I've seen the same one twice.

And that's not even touching on the phone calls you can listen in on, text messages you can read, and conversations just taking place in the street. None of this integral to the plot of the game. They're just interesting distractions that give you a giggle time and time again. This game is so rich and full of detail. That on top of fun gameplay and great graphics. I honestly can't comprehend how anyone could say this game is anything less than amazing.

Pretty good review. I'll say Ubisoft did a fantastic job with packing the game full of content. It's easy to say I'm going ti hack all of the towers, but its hard to stick to the plan when they throw 8 different things at you to do. All in all the gane is solid. Definitely an early GOTY contender.

I have to say I am absolutely addicted to this game, more so than I have been to a game in recent memory. Every time I decide I am going to quit, something else pops up on my screen that I want to check out.

If there is one negative to the game so far, it is the load times when you die/fail a mission. Although, I have noticed longer load times in all of the X1 games I've played so far, so this may just be the new reality. I certainly hope not.

im only on the part where u gotta meet a family member because i keep getting side tracked i still havent found out how you hack ur friends game also iv found some glitches like i make a guys car hit the ballards and his car flipped onto its roof and the driver was on top of the upside down car saying what the hell also i saw a bullet shell casing in mid air

Hmm, I picked up Wolfestein today and not watch Dogs, but I been liking what  i been hearing about this game :)

The game on Xbox 1 has better graphics than GTA V on the Xbox 360. But have to say that the sunshine light on GTA V Xbox 360 is a bit more cleaner though. When it's raining and at night Watch Dogs Xbox 1 has better graphics with the textures and good graphics coming into play. The first act is fun got to and through knowing the characters hide out and will do some free roaming. I'll try out multiplayer in the weekend so far am only trying out the story. I hardly play GTA V but I have to say I like this game much more the GTA V. Graphics are going to be better anyway than the Xbox 360. And.... the environment items are destructible just like in BF4. You can smash through a bus shelter or street pool and it beautifully breaks down. It's currently my new favourite Xbox 1 game Forza 5 and Zoo Tycoon would be my next favourites.

First impression, why is there no character sound? 5 hours later after a console factory reset, it works... Initial problem aside, this game is amazing.  The driving mechanics are very poor, not even close to GTA, however for some reason I don't mind that much, especially as they gave us the inside view.

I got online hacked for the first time, went to 85% before I found him and emptied an assault rifle clip into his back, but tht experience felt COMPLETELY new.. even had my heart pumping.

Can see many hours of enjoyment!

N7 lol! I've seen a few myself but nothing like that. Most I saw was some dude running on the spot like it was a treadmill.

I like the game so far. I think they did a fantastic job and with upcoming patches to hopefully fix any issues, it can only refine how great it already is. Love being invaded, its better than I pictured it would be.

i spent about 5 hours playing last night, overall i really like the game, the stealth, the combat, the driving all feel really good. i spent the first 2 ctOS missions just using stealth and take downs, never fired a single shot, until i got to the 3rd ctSO mission and one of the guards had a liking for pictures of children.... they have all been dying pain deaths since then.

2 things i have not liked...

1.) the first police chase, i had a frustrating time getting past this, with the only hacking tool of changing traffic lights it was a pain shake them, and then when i finally lost them, my car got totally smashed, so i parked it and went to jump into another car, walked up, hit Y to enter, and i smashed out the window which caused a NPC to call the police and i was engaged in another police chase.

2.) being forced to invade another players game before i could continue with the story, i ended up in someones game, started hacking him, made no attempt to hide, and waited for him to find me, took him 76% before he did. at this point of the game i have no interest in invading other peoples games, and chances are, someone invades my i'll most likely ignore it and carry on with what i was doing, or go get a drink or something.

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