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Nice video, I'm hoping I can get the big combo's down at least on character (Black Orchid preferably).

this game is going to be sweeet!!! can't wait!!

I just got hands on with the game yesterday and IT IS AWESOME!!!!!! Smooth frame rates, no freezing or lag. Responsive combo's and an intriguing Combo Breaker system. Graphics are gorgeous! This might wind up being my favorite launch title.

I played it at the MS store and i loved it!!!, im def glad im getting the madcatz joystiq tho, its not easy to play with the controller :O

Played it at the M$ store. it is great, also played it at the gamestop expo in Vegas... tournament style... the game is great, I can't wait to play as spinal, orchid, and fullgore...

UUULLLLLTTTTRRRAAA COMMMBO!!!! I can't wait till I play it. I was wondering how to do the combo breakers