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I'm at the point in the game where I have to confront Benny. I need to get the game back to my friend before he moves. Whats the most effecient way to finish it and get 100% for the current achievements? Thanks


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As soon as you confront him he runs off to Caesars camp. Did Mr. House send you after the Chip yet?

If you have the Chip your almost there. Soon after you visit Caesar you can do the Hoover Dam stuff. Then the battle and the legate and the game will end. About 8 quests. You won't get 100% for the achievments though.

100%? Good luck with that! Although the fastest way to to go through one playthrough is work for Yes Man. When you do that, you don't half to to bother worrying about other factions that you do when side w/ NCR, Legion or House. All you half to do is to find them and your objective will update saying you can ignore them. (expect for the the Brotherhood, they strap an explosive collar to you at first. What you wanna do is wait for the Ranger to leave the bunker and then smash his radio. Then they'll take it off and you can leave.)

I have not got the chip yet. Going to do that now. I should be able to do a save point and then take the game into the four different directions from that one save point. Just keep reverting back to the save point ant go a different direction.

That's what most of did when we got to the Dam I think. Just don't start the battle. That leads you to the Legates camp. Go any other way from there.