Finished with Skyrim?

I'm at level 62 and I'm not sure how many hours I've spent on Skyrim, but I think I'm probably close to being finished.  Anyone else getting that feeling?  


I'm not in this 1000/1000 achievement club thing.  I don't care....have never cared about achievements.  


But now that I'm at this late point in the game, I would have appreciated a Fallout 3 type explorer perk.  Anyone remember that?  It would show you every location on the map.  I WOULD like to go to the rest of the locations....which would probably be at least another 10 hours of exploring or more, but I don't want to strain my eyes trying to find the rest using a map.


Well, it was fun!  I'll still hang around the forums a bit, helping noobs before some other game catches my eye.


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I feel you. I want to start another character to try a differnt play style, but I 'm just mopping up quests and achievements right now. I expect to see you if I get ME3 but I don't know if ill buy it yet. To much real world work to do.

Have fun. I've enjoyed your posts.

I get what you mean. I'm so close to 1000/1000 on Skyrim, I think I will probs carry on trying to find all the locations as well after finishing it. But I keep gettin tempted to make new characters with different styles (on 6th now). Maybe the addition of the DLC will tempt you back into the game though :)

NEVER!!  lol... I played Morrowwind and Oblivion until Skyrim was released.  I currently have two active charactors, a level 69 Imperial and a level 73 Nord, and have just been thinking about starting another.  My next goal is to get Skyrim for the PC so to do some mods with the creation kit.  Finished is a bad word!  :)

I got my 1000 and I moved on.  I put in 80+ hours, was a level 54.  I have a large number of unplayed games I wanted to start to get into.  I'll definitely come back once dlc is released.

That's some serious dedication there Spidey. hehe

I agree with BizzaroMantis. It would be great to have a fallout like perk that shows the entire map after a certain level. I am playing my 3rd character. I know I haven't hit all the locations on the map.Yet I reach a certain level, usually after 50, and it starts to become very boring to continue.


An Explorer skill tree... containing perks such as Explorer (100, obviously), maybe a hunting one, maybe a navigation one, maybe a horse bonus one, so on. Could be upgraded by clearing dungeons (maybe 1.5 levels each dungeon), distance riding a horse, enemies defeated by horse (lol), animals hunted, so on?

Never finished with Skyrim, do everything then get bored and do a full restart (again and again and maybe a few more times).

I, too, am beginning to think I may never finish. My dark elf is poised for a finish on the main quest and the thieves guild and I would be happy there except I started an Imperial battlemage and I'm quite determined to see if I can do anything effective with a sword. I can finish off critters and single enemies but a Bandit Outlaw and Bandit Thug ganged up on me and i tried 3 times before I just froze them to death so my sword isn't ready for the dungeon interiors where the last area is a mob yet. She's only level 12 though so I'll give her some more time. I would love an explore tree, that's what I really like to do.

Don't forget to do the Dark Brotherhood quests Lady Bastet....  LOL

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