Finished the game, but I think I just screwed myself... SPOILERS!!!!

So, I finish the story, and I decide to go back and get a few Riddler Trophies before I go on and finish the side quests and the like so, like a moron, I go through the subway, and up into Wonder Tower.

I get the couple of trophies at the top, and the Riddler Riddle, but now I'm stuck on the gall-darn tower.

Does Anyone know how to get OFF the freaking thing? It seems once you hit the observation deck, you're stuck.


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you can`t glide all the way down to the city it automatically grapples you back up when you fall to far.

jump off the top of the tower... glide down... get achievement

BKVegeta, I officially love you.

You can glide back to the ledge where the elevator is, then hack it and it'll take you back down.

Once you're down at the can exit :P

can you take the same way back ?