Finished Single Player on Hard (Recommendation.)

Harder than Medal of Honor but the big thing to me was the sound was out of sync quite alot during cutscenes and movement. I highly recomend installing it in hopes that it'll keep things in sync. Not to mention I had some terrible frame rate issues while waiting for the 360 to load everything from the disc during play. (It ruined a couple cool sequences.)



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Yea the sound is pretty bad in Multiplayer as well. I have the game disc installed to my HDD so that is not the problem.

Sounds like a blockbuster title, I will find out in a few.

i got my first xbox 6 months ago i didnt realise you could install games so was running black ops from the disk , frame rates at times were shocking but an install sorted it all out , I wonder if the same thing will help BF3?

created a game that 360 cant handle or what is this?

Im not worried,as long as its a new BF game,but that sounds weird...

I Installed both discs and the hd pack and I haven't had any problems.  Haven't played much campaign but MP was good and the sound on my surround sound was good so IDK

I have had zero problems with sound. In fact for me its been one of my favorite things about the game. There are sound options in the menu so maybe make sure they match what you are using for sound.