Finding the crates with Bain

Hi, just started playing for the first time last night and i think i've stuffed up already!


As i'm not really interested in the main story until i can gain some experience i decided to check out the side missions. One of which involves locating 6 crates in a joint venture with Bain (thankfully as he is huge!). Problem is i stumbled into what i thought was a loction for a crate and it turned out to be where the Joker was based so i ended up defending myself against Mister Hammer etc etc..... long story short i completed that part of the main quest and now i cant get back into that building to grab that crate.


Any ideas or do i have to start over?


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There will be another way into the building,if not now it will open up later in the game once you have got through more main missions.

you don`t need to start over.

Sweet, thanks. Awesome game, dare i say it - it has completely removed me from MW3!

a few of the Titan Cannisters are locked in areas you can only access as you play the game's main story. You will level up just fine working through the story line and the side missions as they are triggered


Also fighting Thugs is a great way to level up as well as collecting Riddler Trophies

As stated above, some areas with the Titan can only be accessed once certain parts of the story are complete, but in the end, you can eventually access all of them if you missed any.  

The same goes for future quests, trophies, and riddles. Sometimes certain things are only available after a certain point in the story or after you have acquired a certain gadget or gadget upgrade. With the Batman games it is important to realize not everything is open to you at the start, that way you can continue to revisit old areas late in the game and still find secrets.

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yes,its another new ambassador that probably think he is increasing his level by doing so.

I sense you may be right....oh dear