Finding it a Little Boring.............

Don't know if its just me but I am actually finding this game a little borring................


I have played all the other Splinter Cell games and enjoyed them but I seriously having a tough time keeping engaged with this one!  You enter a level, sneakily proceed towards the checkpoint, hide so you are behind cover and target 3 enemies, wait until they are close enough and hit the 'Y' button to eliminate them. Rinse and repeat all the way through the mission until you reach the end - not my idea of fun.........!!!!!


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Not that it's much harder but if you play on perfectionist, you cant use the mark and takedown system.  Maybe that would challenge you a little and be more fun for you.

If it's lacking a challenge, then do as Machete wrote, and cut out the use of the M&E, or at least just raise the difficulty.

Additionally, maybe try playing a different playstyle. What you've described is Panther playstyle, which in my opinion is the easiest way to play through the game. Try going through as a Ghost. And I don't just mean using non-lethal takedowns like the game says is Ghost. I mean the PURE Ghost. Try to sneak through the levels without interacting with the enemies at all. That's the way I played on Realistic. Couldn't always do it without knocking a few guys out, and those dogs will get on your nerves every time, but it definitely gave me the challenge I was looking for.

I'm also finding it boring, but I think it's got to do with the limitations of most stealth games: little variety in enemies and npcs.  They all look the same, move the same, have the same strength, speed, tactics, etc.  Plus your hiding spots are too obvious and easy to negotiate.

At times it can be the.05 money increases is what keeps me playing. Plus, I still have to max all the weapons stats for the loud weapons which is quite challenging. Me, I play on realistic and perfectionist only.