Finding a game to join

I just bought the game in the live marketplace, but it won't start. It just shows a message "finding a game to join", and then nothing happens. I was waiting for almost half an hour, but still noting. Have the servers been deactivated by EA already? Can't I play this game at least offline?


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It usually takes me around 10 minutes to find a game!

Today it went much faster. Seems like an weird bug.

I think there is a bug in their servers, because I have been having a problem synching my progress. It keeps resetting me to level 8, even after I reached level 12 and spent alot of time customizing cars....

When you say it's taking 10 minutes to find a game, is that one that others are currently in or to actually start playing at all.  I can't seem to join a game that others are currently in, even though my settings are set to public. So even though I'm online, it's like playing offline.

Can anyone confirm if there is a bug, and or if EA is working on any of these issues.  I really liked the game until the multiplayer stopped working for me.  Every other game I have does multiplayer just fine.

It takes a while, between 5-10 minutes to get into a game when you first start up NFS The Rivals.  After that I have no issues playing with people online.  Check other areas of the map for rivals to race.


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