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This threads purpose is to find other players to play with in Halo Reach.


Here's a template you can use:



Favorite Playlists:

Time/Day that you play:

Location (Country) :




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Gamertag: Findecano

Favorite Playlists: Team Slayer, Team Objective, Multi Team

Time/Day that you play: Everyday after 3pm West Coast Time.

Location: U.S.

Send a pm

Gamertag: Almas 4th Child

Playlists: Swat, Squad Slayer, Double Team

Time: 3p.m. -Midnight Central

Location: USA

Gamertag: Gary613

Favorite Playlists:Team slayer,swat .. I play them all really..doesnt phase me  

Time/Day that you play: 4pm to around 2:30 am

Location (Country) : Canada

Gamertag: Good Ole Mr. Sion

Favorite Playlists: Grifball, BTB, Team Slayer

Time/Day that you play: Whenever i get some time to myself.

Location (Country):  USA

i don't accept  friend requests anymore, so just send me an invite with a message sometime.

Gamertag: StiflingGumbo

Favorite Playlists: Multi team, invasion, team slayer, swat, firefight (probably others)

Time/Day that you play: hard to say, every varies daily

Location (Country) : Canada (EST)