The vs. Mode in ALL Gears games used to have me totally shook. I would get killed with ease ALL OF THE TIME. Me coming in contact with anyone in the vs. Mode resulted in a death.....damn near every time. The only thing that used to be up for question was how I was going to get killed.

Well--I took the time to sit and endure the whoopings and avoided rage quiting. I took my humilation and I can finally say I have reached what I thought was impossible. I'm average and I'm totally fine with that. LOL...I'm so happy that I had to make a post about it. I feel like I have arrived--finally.


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I think someone finally found out how to melee

Sweet! Congrats. Gears is awesome.

True I learned how to Melee....but most of all I learned the different things that I was doing wrong. How to maintain distance if I'm using the Lancer etc. All kindas of stuff. I took one of my friends advice and started paying better attention of what I was doing wrong.

Its all about focus on that one player. The one in front or the back shooting at you. Some times also waiting and letting them come to you will help.

Just don't 2piece. It is the one thing I hate in this game, and in my opinion should be removed. Not trying to start any disputes it's just an opinion.

people abused it in GoW 1, they removed it in GoW 2 and 3 and added it to this one, go figure

I agree 2 piecing should disappear. But as long as they keep the Lancer the way it is right now, Ill never complain about 2 piecing nubs again, because the Lancer simply eats them.  I heart AIMING!!!!

Woohoo - I'm getting there too! Love this post, Man! Every Gears I have to relearn how to play it!

I am an average player as well.  I have played GoW since 1 and I love it.  I am not as good as some of the rest, but I am just enjoying the game.  I needed something to play as CoD was getting a little old for me.