Finally a worthwhile Treyarch map pack

It may just be me but I don't give a shiznit about new multiplayer maps, I am a zombies fan and sick of trading 1600 MP for 1 Zombies map at a time.  Fortunately Treyarch is realizing the zombie fan base deserves some love too!  Hopefully the next Treyarch game is a zombie game but at least for now we get zombie maps to occupy us.


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I am a half & half kind of guy. I enjoy multiplayer. However, if given a choice between one or the other, I would have to pick Zombies.

I am definitely glad that this map pack offers Zombies-only content for once. Even though I already have the traditional map pack for the previous maps, I cannot wait to redownload for the Moon map, and the additional content. This is going to be excellent. Great job Treyarch.

Well I don't give a shiznit about zombie maps. Especially when it's really only one NEW zombie map. Oh and the Map packs are 1200 MSP.

Having the World at War maps will be nice, too. It'll rejuvenate zombies on a whole for me, as my friends and I used to play Shi No Numa and Der Riese a lot. The new maps are fun, but these will bring a certain nostalgia with them.

Some of the few cool things about Zombies was the new environments, trying to figure out  which doors to open first, learning where the mystery box locations are.

I could see if you didn't have all the W@W map packs; getting the new map pack would be a bargain. But I'm not paying for MAPS I already have.

haven't you heard this is the fix of w@w zombies to stop modders and infections LoL

Now all they have to do is sell a W@w reg multiplayer DLC and we can play W@W again

Its just a rumor that Treyarch won't fix W@W they just want us to pay them again to do it ;)

It's pretty obvious at this point that even the company knows they're not doing something right. Why else would they keep tying to resell the same *** over and over. Then there's the ironic part, where they sell you the same levels but call them resurrection, because they know those were the only actually decent maps and they're hoping to get interest back in it. They need to do a map worked around the maps people like most, kino and der reise. In my opinion. This zombie pack is what people have been asking for though. Now if they just did one decent map, and packed it with 4 other maps, even mediocre ones, i'd still probably get it. It's definitely not worth getting the packs when I only play it for zombies though, and the new maps each suck a little more then the last. But that's my opinion

Unless zombies is your thing I hardly find the new map pack "worthwhile". Regurgitate content much? Old maps that have been played to death and re-released a year or so later should be free imo.

]Not sure if I'm going to get it, I wanted them to release it a lot earlier, this is almost encroaching on fall game season.

Also, I played them before a certain patch with a method that shall remain unnamed.

They didn't suddenly realize that the Zombies fanbase needed lovin' at all. They had this planned all along, most likely.

As much as I loved the original zombie maps from WaW, I don't think I can cough out another 20 bucks for 1600 MS points. (I don't trust purchasing points through XBL)


I would've totally bought a map pack that had the other half of Nuketown that was blocked off.

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