Final Kill Cam

I have noticed that every time I get the final kill, my card/name/clan doesn't show up on the screen. Is there a setting for this or can the other players see this while I can't. Thanks guys !!


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I believe its just you that cant see it.

My question about the final killcam is why its there sometimes and sometimes not.

I've had plaenty of times I got the final kill during the clock ticking down, yet no final killcam.

Treyarch owes me the stardom I deserve.

Yeah you cant see it yourself but everyone else can.

Yes, it's normal for you to not see your own information if you get the final kill cam. Also, I believe for the final kill cam to show up, it must happen within the very last second of the clock and/or the person dying not rage quitting.

It has to happen within3-4 seconds, if no one gets a kill in the last 10 seconds, it wont show up.  

Oh ok. Although when my brother plays, his is shown during the killcam.

How does the normal kill cams differ from the final kill cam for you, OP? I think they get alittle glitched sometimes. Sometimes they show, sometimes not. Sometimes itll show something thats not even a kill or something weird, LOL.