Final Fantasy XIII freezing on Xbox 360

Since the Xbox forums have been redesigned, I can no longer find threads on Final Fantasy XIII freezing on the Xbox 360.  There were quite a few people affected by this problem, but I'm not sure if Microsoft ever officially responded in those threads.  Moreover, with the removal of the threads, there seems to be no further conversation among Xbox owners about this pretty serious issue.

For the record, my post on this problem is located at

As far as I can tell, this will be the only post on the forums about this problem.  If the forums are not a good place to maintain a record of people's difficulties with the game, I'm happy to keep the torch lit over at

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The game is known to freeze on PS3. What Xbox 360 console you have? Arcade, elite, pro? If so upgrade to the new SKU's - they are the Slim 250GB or 4GB. They have better architecture, design, which help solve technical issues compared with earlier models. You got the red ring of death on older models because of poor vents. The Slims have improved vents and run more quietly and are slightly smaller. I have this game on my slim 250GB console and it has never freezed on me. Your console might freeze if your playing hardcore multiplayer games though.

Wait, are you saying that there's no fix for this? I bought this game a week ago, and have been looking forward to this weekend for... well, a week. And now you're telling me I can't play this game on the console it is designed for? I have to buy a second console JUST for this game?

That's not happening.

It's so stupid! My characters are as healthy as vegetables and BOOM! Chapter 11, Hope wants to get his Eidolon on, but of course, system freeze. I figured it was the disk so I went out to buy a new one because I really hate not finishing what I start. Same thing! I'm such a optimist though so I spent a couple of days making a new game to get back to Chapter 11... I even look at my gf in the eye and told her if this doesn't work, I'll break up with her. Now I'm single and pissed. FFXIII-2 better not have the same issues -______- D''X

i have the same problem and i couldnt figure it out but it might be that my console is one of the older ones

Yup, looks like there's no solution to this problem. I have an old 60gb white xbox 360, and I can't even get a few hours into this game.

All my other games play fine. Basically can't return or exchange this game and can't afford a new console. I'm ***.

Check if it's scratched or something