Final Fantasy XIII Chap. 9 Boss [help :(]

How the heck are you supposed to beat this guy? Its the dude starts with a B lol forgot his actual name went back to playing this game today after about 6 months quit playing it just because of this part haha. He has like four heads you have to attack and I believe he transforms after you destroy the heads. Though I'm yet to get so far as to even get all four heads down.

Any helpful advice would be nice i've been trying to go from using Diversity and Relentless Assult to stay healed and then attack. I've even tried using two medics I forgot the paradigm name but that doesnt work either the longer it takes the more difficult it becomes because of the Magic Magnification thing he does


His attacks start to get REALLY brutal after the second time he uses the magnification its ridiculous.


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I'm sorry but I couldn't read your post, I'm aware of any spoiler in it...

There are no spoilers really.. But I feel sorry for you when you reach this part. It blows.

there are quite a few walkthroughs on youtube for this which suggest the best -paradigms to use- think i got through this and the last boss using the setups which were suggested on you tube

*Spoiler alert, for those who didn't know*


Barthandelus? He's relatively easy when you know the tactics. Notice I said RELATIVELY. He's still a big hitter either way.


Anyway, what you need to do is kill the first four things he has, which means you can then do some damage to his main part. After this, he will start using more powerful attacks, his most powerful one being Destrudo. However, it takes him time to charge this attack up, so what you must do is switch to Relentless Assault and try to get his Stagger meter as high as possible. Make sure you have at least half HP on your characters. Why you must attempt to stagger Barthandelus before he charges Destrudo is, because it weakens the move. You'll know this has happened when you've staggered him enough for him to "flinch", or some sort of strange movement. By this time, you should make sure you're healed up somewhat, and you should survive it. Rinse and repeat, and hopefully you should beat him.


He was a nightmare when I first fought him but I found this little tactic. Synergists are also a massive help, so be sure to use those too.

Oh, the heads. Just read the post properly and what you need to do is quickly attack the heads, making sure they go down quick enough and so that your characters are healed, too. As I said before, use Synergists or Aegisol and the other one that gives you buffs just before battle. That'll be sure to give you a massive boost. Using Libra on the heads never hurt, either!

Good luck! :-)


No problemo! I just didn't read the post rightly the first time, but hopefully it's also helped for the later stages in the fight.