Final Fantasy XIII-2: Where is Snow?

So i have been seeing screen shots and trailers and an E3 gameplay but i have yet to see snow and in the mean time his wife Sara is running around with that Noel dude. Snow was my Favorite character in XIII an i hope he is in XIII-2.


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I´m wondering the same, guess we can´t know right now, we´ll have to wait to know the answer.

I guess so. I mean they cant just take him out because well..he and Sara are married.

All we know so far is that Snow doesn't mind Serah hanging out with Noel... maybe. Can't really trust the GameFAQs message boards when it comes to Final Fantasy.

Oh...if that is true okay. But i still want to see snow.

Hey i see you play Tales of Vesperia, i do to. But im a little annoyed with Microsoft because when they put up the new forums they got rid of the Tales of Vesperia forums.

Oh, Microsoft should be the least of your annoyances when it comes to Tales of Vesperia. When Bamco pulled that "we made ToV better... for the PS3" move, I was rather annoyed.

Oh don't get me started i was ticked off that they made Flynn playable on the PS3 and not 360 and just put more stuff on the PS3 version i was ticked off. Im also ticked because i heard that there will probably be no more Tales games for 360.

Wait, I thought the PS3 version was in japanese only??

I've tried both versions but I prefer the 360 version since I don't understand japanese, but off course I wouldve loved it if they included extra content in the 360 version as well. Anyway, Tales of Vesperia is still easily the best japanese RPG on the 360.

Yeah it is. If it wasn't i swear i would have gotten a PS3. And yes you are right Tales of Vesperia is the best JRPG on the 360. Very hard to find at retail stores i had to get it off Amazon.

I got it the day it came out... which was a year after the American release.

I almost thought it was going to be another "Tales of the Abyss" (double meaning~). A game which never was released in Australia.