Final Fantasy XII-2 New Teaser Trailer!!

Man! You gotta check this out!

Lighting looking hot!


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If its anything like FF13 then pass

I need this game now

kinda makes me want to pop this game back in my ps3, but i don't want to deal with any of those retarded boss fights with the summons. i wonder if it's at all possible to copy a save file from a friend's system and profile onto mine so i could avoid all that bullshit. i believe he was at the same place i was before he got bored of it and my old ps3 died, so i'm not cheating or trying to get fast trophies or whatever. that is of course if he hasn't deleted the save.

I'm not a Final Fantasy guy, but they do have really awesome CGI trailers

i wonder this will be as over-rated as the first one

[quote user="Sir Azalot"]

i wonder this will be as over-rated as the first one

[/quote]The first game is widely regarded as trash. But I agree, that is over rated.


XIII-2 not XII-2....

Link is broke. No video.

Love the game. :)

I'm still hoping for FFX for the PS3 (or 360, that would be even better).