Final Fantasy XI wins over Battlefield 3!

I got to thinking about something.  It's actually cheaper to pay $12.95 a month and play Final Fantasy XI than it is to play Battlefield 3 for a year.  The break down:

Final Fantasy XI NEW Copy all Expansions minus Seeker =
$14.99 + tax $16.04
(You do NOT have to have XBOX LIVE GOLD)
Monthly fee $12.95 + tax $ 13.86 for the year $166.32

Battlefield 3 new game at launch $59.99 + tax $64.19
USED $54.99 + tax = $ 58.84
(NOTE: I'm a FOOL, I should have bought it NEW, forgot about the online PASS)
Premium = 4000 points or $49.99 + tax $53.49
Online Pass = 800 points or $9.99 + tax $10.69
Xbox LIVE Gold for a year= $59.99 + tax $64.19
Back to Karkland = $14.99 + tax $ 16.04 (Premium wasn't launch yet)
 (I bought my copy used, so I had to buy a online pass)

With a new copy that includes the online pass:
$197.91 for everything!

So after everything that I spent on BF3 for a Grand total of:
$203.25 (Not counting the Pre order Dog tags bundle for 240 MS points $2.50, and the Air Shortcut kit, that was another 800 MS points $10.69)

Sure I didn't need the dog tags, or the shortcut kit.

Makes ya' wonder? So basically it's a simple question of Gamerscore. 1000G verses 1600G . Now it takes about 2 years to really get the full 1000GS from FF XI, however with the upcoming BF4, well you can pretty much know that title is going to be costly as well. Yeah more gamerscore, but for the BIG BANG in the WALLET!!

So the Winner is FINAL FANTASY XI!! Being the cheapest!


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While FFXI may work out to be the cheapest in a year... the odds of getting everything unlocked and maxed etc, and earning all the achievements in a year isn't plausible really. There's just too much to do in the game and the fact that you need to form teams with others to get some content completed, not to mention the time sink involved in leveling up your skills (as XP can be burned through earning via XP parties in the Abyssea regions from Lv. 30+)... A year just isn't plausible, unless you play it religously every waking hour...

Yeah, I know that.  It' take 2+ years, however but finding the players to be as a team is really simple for me.  Sweet thing about FFXI is if you play & pay fro XIV, XI is FREE!  lol Something to consider.... Happy Gaming !! :D

Sorry about your friend Raychel, bro'..

I used to play FFXI, but now that people are focusing solely on endgame content, it's pointless to me. I tried to get groups to finish the expansions or even to XP party (Even in Abyssea!) and all the members of my linkshells refuse to do any of that... Just voidwalk or w/e...


After 6 years, I quit FFXI due to the facts that A: Can never get anything done B: Treated like garbage by people who have only joined in the last year and C: the overall feel of the game is NOTHING compared to what it used to be. I've got a PS3 so when FFXIV A Realm Reborn comes out, I'll resurrect my character there and forget that Vana'diel exists.


Raychel was my younger sister...

Sorry to hear though.....I see your point about FFXI.