Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake

Since this game is now official, does anyone know if the game will come to xbla? I know it will come out for PC, but not sure if it will be multi platform. I just hope that if it does comes to consoles, it wont be a PS3 exclusive.


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what are you talking about. they haven't made anything official unless its very recent news. they said they won't remake it until they make a FF game better the 7


Source? If you are talking about the supposed steam version, well, I wouldn't call that exactly an HD remake.

Personally, I think Final Fantasy VII is over-rated and all the fans need to just shut up about it.  The game had it's time in the spotlight. The graphics look like some terrible abomination between 2-D and 3-D by today's standards; The story is a convoluted mess with messy translation; and it's the most anime-inspired Final Fantasy in the series. I'm okay if  people think it's the best FF to them but I'm tired of the praise it receives and the insults thrown at the series and Square when each Final fantasy has striven be different in it's own right.

I thought 10 was better than 7

"We'll make a Final Fantasy VII remake once we've made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FFVII,"


That's what Square  CEO said apparently.   I can see how they're very busy making bad FF games at the moment.    Maybe they'll give usFFXII-3 just to troll everyone

so yea, they even said in that video they won't release it unless they have too. i wouldn't have my hopes up.

Oh did they? It was a few days ago since I saw it so I couldn't remember that line. I still can't see why they don't just make it anyway since so many people have been begging for it for ages now (I'm not one of them, not played more than a few hours myself), but I would certainly play this game if it was remade.

And if they did make this, they would get a looooot of money for it, regardless if they have or haven't made a better game yet.

FFVII was the pinnacle of the series. VIII & IX were very good as well. FFX is where it all started going wrong. FXIII is completely abysmal (though XIII-2 was a teeny-tiny improvement). If they're waiting until they make a better installment than VII, they'd better completely scrap every idea they've implemented since FFX and start fresh.


That said, my guess is they'd ruin VII remaking it anyway.

And if they want to make a game that surpasses the quality of 7, they should focus on making a great story and not Assassins Creed robes or Mass Effect Armour. Seriously, who the hell cares about that when it replaced a good story for 20 hours gameplay saying "its a paradox, its a paradox!!"... and don't forget the never irritating "kupokupo kupo kupoo kupopopopooo!"

I find it hilarious how the worst FF game to date got a sequel.  

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