Final Doom XBLA...

so I've noticed that Final Doom was set to be ported to the xbox live arcade this year, does anyone know an exact date?


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Bumping as I'd like to know as well.

are you sure its coming to xbox? i saw an article recently on joystiq that said they released it on psn. didn't mention xbox getting it at all.

I haven't heard anything either, but I am really excited about this since I have actually beaten all the titles of this great franchise

I looked it up on psn,


they have DOOM Classic complete for $15, which is Doom classic, doom 2, and final doom.


they also have BFG edition which is doom, doom 2, doom 3, doom 3 resurrecton of evil, doom 3 lost mission, all doom 3 content was re mastered in HD.

the price is $40 but I saw it $20 during black friday in stores.

BFG Edition looks great, might just get that during the summer drought.

I saw this and have been wondering as well

Is there someone we can call to see when Final Doom is coming to XBLA? It's 2013 wtf, let's go!

It's on the ESRB website for the 360.  So it might be a timed exclusive.

It says Activision is going to be publishing it or porting it but I mean that has been listed there since like 2011. It's 2013 where is it...? I'd like to ask someone at activision but I doubt i'll get a response.

I doubt it will be published by Activision.  Zenimax own Id now, so Bethesda will be publishing it.  Doom 1 was removed off XBLA a couple of years ago and then was republished by Bethesda on there.